Monday, December 6, 2010

Clean technologies

So Goff reckons we need a 'real vision" as a country.
This is good.
His only apparent problem to this is that there is 'no money to back it up"

Why he thinks that a government throwing even more money at a problem is a solution to anything is beyond me.

Get the government out of the way and let the real visions of of the people flourish, without being sucked dry by out of control state taxing, borrowing and spending.

Maybe a "clean technology" would be one that sucked the fat out of his aspirations.


JC said...

A "real vision" for the country would be to reduce the size of Govt to 30% of GDP.. say 2% per year.

A second real vision would be to wipe tax on savings.. say, by 5% per year.

And a third might be to forget about chasing Australia.. rather aim to produce an economy with the highest possible *net* wages.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

According to the letter published by DPF over at Kiwibog, Mr Goff won't have his aspirations for mush longer.

He needs to start work on his expirations.

Anonymous said...

He has no idea really but neither does Key - they are not hard nosed and ethical people in the fashion of our pioneer's and don't think outside the conventional political square.

I see no real changes on the horizon - work harder for less and still go broke. The cycle continues but it seems the peaks and troughs are getting closer together - we are rushing to destruction.

Its Animal Farm and 1984 together.


Good Lord! Fail Gaffe obviously believes in recycling.
All the talk of the 'squeezed middle' reeks of the crap the lacklustre Ed Milliband has been talking about.
Yes, those in the middle are suffering but I doubt Liarbour will be able to deliver.
A look in Spain and elsewhere will see that 'clean technologies' and 'green jobs' are costly and actually self defeating.
I think one green job cost the spaniards 2.8 real jobs or something.
Liarbour must improve its research other than rehash the same old shite from the European left, especially when it has been tried and failed.