Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas round up

A quick round up

1. Labour think that the ETS scam should get more teeth to screw over NZ business quicker. What a winning idea for them. But I would recommend false teeth, in keeping with the theme. Sadly Nick Smith probably agrees with them.

2. Government awards itself a pay rise, backed dated to July. Key urges a freeze. How about legislating a freeze. Maybe he could have just urged an increase in GST.

3. My bet is that the Crafar farms will end up with Landcorp. I don't know why governments thinks they are better farmers than private individuals. Wasn't that tried in some part of the world with disastrous results. I guess having our money to play with makes farming easier. No pesky bank managers to annoy them when they write the big cheques.

4. The MMP referendum next year will be a shambles with MMP being retained. The media will wallow in it. Politicians and 100's of thousands of people who rely on them for a living will breath a sigh of relief. The status quo will continue - as long as Bill can bring home the $300,000,000 bacon each week. But I do sleep easier knowing that Bill guarantees we will be back in surplus by 2015. That's a big relief.

5. There is a very strong probably that there will soon be trouble in Korea. The South Koreans will be unwilling to back down and actually have the steel to sort things out. You don't rebuild a country in 50 years by stepping backwards. Our troops had better be on the first plane to Busan to help our friends out.

6. Our national past time of child abuse will continue unabated as no government can solve the problem by social engineering, when that is also a big part of the problem. The only real solution is showing the perpetrators no mercy whatsoever. Keep it simple- 20+ years imprisonment with no bail.

7. I was going to mention Phil Goff but can't think of anything worthwhile to say. For some reason the word twilight comes to mind. Is Goff now the stuffed man?

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all and I wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Year


Piripi said...

Merry Christmas: Adolph, Barnsley, Grant, Hamish, Lou, Milt, Sagenz and The Veteran.

It's been a pleausre reading this site all year. Hope y'all have an enjoyable 2011.

Cheers, fellows!

Lou Taylor said...

Thanks Piripi
You have a good one too.

Johnboy said...

Merry Xmas to all at No Minister.

I am polishing the castrating tongs to help deal with your sixth point.

Anonymous said...

Govt orders itself a payrise. This has to be the obscenity of the year, second only to the non-stop child abuse. Nothing will change because the govt is part of the problem.

ZenTiger said...

Merry Christmas to the crew at No Minister.

Re #1 - Just heard Goff(?) on the radio saying under Labour, they would quickly fix the broken tax system by re-instating the tax review but this time with focus on the rich bastards earning over 100K because they were all dodgers (except for poor ministers, as per point 2). If only Labour had nine years in power to fix the system, I thought I heard him say...

Re #2: Hey, back off. It was a measley 1.4%. I'm surprised the Ministers haven't gone on strike with that insult. I think they should.

ZenTiger said...

Re #4: Can we really afford the MMP referendum? That's 9 million bucks that could towards stopping child abuse. Our at least that was the logic argued against the anti-smacking referendum. On the other hand, why would the government listen to a referendum even if it wasn't a shambles? It's not that they hold democratic principles particularly dearly.

Re #5: Gee, I hope #4 doesn't apply here too. Let's get Fonterra involved in feeding the starving masses in North Korea (assuming the fallout doesn't kill them), then we might be in a position to send South Korea some help. Like spare skyhawk parts.

Re #6: "Our" National pastime??? Not mine bud. Are we so afraid of pointing the finger we take the "collective responsibility" cop-out? I knew the anti-smacking bill was a distraction. Any judge that deems this case as "justified discipline" simply needs to be shot. The parents need to locked up for a long time whilst we have a referendum on capital punishment.

Re #7: See #1.

And on that note, I urge all to tip back the egg-nog and concentrate on family and friends and leave all this mess well alone until 2011.

showmethetaxcut said...

2011 might also be the year Israel decides there is sufficient un(der)stated arab support for a pre-emptive strike at Iran.