Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chalk and Cheese

Just watched a few minutes of Hannity's interview with Dubbya.

Now there was a real president.

Unlike the crooked devious lickyourarse all sort they've got in the White House for the next two long years. Black on the outside, red in the middle.


Anonymous said...

When you die they'll have to bury you and mark the site as toxic. This toxicity will probably half a radiation style half life. Ian

Anonymous said...

I agree and continue to find it weird that Adolf likes one loser control freak more than another. You could dress his namesake in blue and Adolf would be down the front cheering with the rest of the mob.

Wake up Adolf, they all suck.

KG said...

"This toxicity will probably half a radiation style half life."
If that gibberish is an indicator of the level of thinking of your critics, Adolf, I guess you don't have a lot to worry about. :)

Linda Reid said...

It's ok to disagree with Adolf 'anonymous'. No need to get nasty. My personal opinion is that history will be kinder to GWB than the MSM have been. In contrast, Obama has been blessed with an amazingly supportive media (except Fox News). Yet he still struggles to get a positive approval rating.

Randominanity said...

His hatred of Obama isn't so much about politics as it is about skin colour.

Strange how most of his most virulent criticism seems to centre on ethnicity as opposed to policy or ideology

Anonymous said...

Its a typo KG and I suspect most will know what Ian meant. I can forgive that being hopeless typist myself.

As for history Linda, we are seeing a debate about that within our own shores. Facts are such elusive things and the inevitable rose tint with passing years does nothing to make reported or recalled "facts" more factual. Anything political needs a dose of salt but I think you are right about GWB.

Anonymous said...

hmmm kinda like an inside out jaffa

Anonymous said...

Yes, Adolf does seem to go on about skin colour somewhat. I've known quite a few people like that over the years but never one who had the balls to call a black, "black bastard" to his face.
Linda, you're telling people that one of the nastiest bloggers in the country has to be treated with kid gloves? Come on. Even Cactus Kate objected recently to his constant name calling.
Wow KG, you're a sharp one picking up my typo like that. Adolf will be feeling really buoyed by that. Ian