Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can't Take A Trick

Poor old Filk Off.

Even with The Herald doing his dirty work for him, he just can't seem to get ANYTHING right.

He's spent the last week trotting around after his octogenarian veterinarian, digging for dirt on Pansy Wong. 'It's a whitewash!' he screamed to anyone who would listen. The Herald listened and ran the story for all it was worth which turned out to be fuck all more than six pence.

Today the Auditor General called an end to his game. Clean bowled him with a swinging yorker to the middle stump.

The Auditor-General has ruled out an inquiry into National MP Pansy Wong's spending just hours after her resignation this morning.

Of course you could not read this last bit in the Herald. It came from Stuff

Meanwhile Filk and his cadaverous mate continue to bat from the dressing room.

But Goff said Labour MP Pete Hodgson had evidence of other interests that would raise fresh questions about the Wongs' use of the subsidy.

"We'll see the first installment of that in Parliament this afternoon. The Wongs never came clean in the McPhail investigation. They never exposed the full extent of their business dealings in China."

It seems the Auditor General didn't think much of his evidence.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

4.00 p.m and the Herald has only just woken up. The AG doesn't seem to have any difficulty with or concern over the report already carried out.

Just more of Phil Goff pissing into the wind.

gravedodger said...

Most of the cardgames I play you need a joker, a couple of bowers some more picturecards and some suit to be sure of a few tricks.
Poor old Phillin is the bloody joker, he's wearing the suit and Shane got all the pictures.

Inventory2 said...

Pete Hodgson's been tossing the shit around again, but most of it has stuck to him; what a shame!

Anonymous said...
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Johnboy said...

Don't be too hard on poor old deranged Pete.
He's just trying to ease into his imminent retirement from parliament.
After all up to your armpits in shit is his natural environment.

Anonymous said...

The defence that its OK because someone else is worse is pretty shallow. I think if this is all there is she wouldn't have resigned.

Both sides are shonky (but I dislike the left more because the pople seem creepier) and until you see that you are doomed to flounder about in the sewage rather than rise above it.

Psycho Milt said...

It tickles me to see all these ex-squawkers of "corruption!" about the previous regime now busily cheering on corruption in their own team's ranks. So the AG finds no need to investigate the Wongs, because an investigator already asked them if their constant trips to China and around NZ at taxpayers' expense were to do with their business interests, and they said no, it wasn't. Just lots and lots and lots of little vacations, all the time. Oh, jolly good. Carry on then. Move along, nothing to see here, folks. Seriously, we're paying the AG a salary for this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Definately a whitewash. Key is covering up for Wong, something is going on. The AG cannot be truted to be non-partisan, as the last government proved. Pete is a wily old dog, but he's good at what he does. Shame for National, so much for transparency and honesty.

WAKE UP said...

Some time ago )around about the last general election) I watched Pete Hodgson, deliver the most insane, spittle-flecked, raving-nutter speech I've ever witnessed in our Parliament. Whatever the probity of any case against Pansy Wong, that fact that Hodgson is running with it is enough for me to ignore it completely. And if Goff is serious about it, he'd give it to someone stable.

Anonymous said...

Pete has thoroughly fucked over you Nats on the Wong affair. You simply can't see it. What a bunch of Garth George's you are.

Anonymous said...
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