Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time To Walk, Don

It appears Dr Brash somehow feels comfort in fulminating from Orewa.

He needs to learn a lesson or two from John Key, namely that NZ actually is a centre left country governed by a centre right party in coalition with a right wing party and a racially derived special interest party. (The bouffant buffoon from Ohariu doesn't count.)

Dr Brash appears unhappy with the pace of reform. He wants to knock down the barricades and charge into our socialist fortress with his cutlass swinging whereas Jon Key is prepared to play a longer game, conditioning the occupants for the day when they bring themselves to surrender. Already, Mr Key has achieved a major strategic victory just last week with Labour's dramatic U turn on the sale of state assets. The electoral and fiscal significance of this event has gone largely unnoticed by the country's political commentariat. You'd think Dr Brash himself had not heard of this event.

What has Dr brash achieved? Like an old 78 record he has harped back to the past with a couple of politically unsustainable reports and a bit of red neck populism to achieve what? One day's fleeting newspaper headline and the obligatory reference to the Exclusive Brethren.

Dr Brash reminds Adolf of the Japanese Knights of Bushido, epitomized by General Tojo, given to suicidal full frontal assaults while My Key has more of the strategic genius of Admiral Yamamoto.

Perhaps Dr Brash has not realised that since his original speech at Orewa, the sleepy little town has been bypassed by mainline NZ. We all happily pay a toll to avoid Orewa. Instead he prefers to stay with the traffic lights and winding steep roads of the last century, hoping for a reprise of an almost forgotten past moment of glory.

The best thing Don Brash could do is take his dwindling band of National Party supporters and move them back to the ACT Party, where they belong.


Lex said...

Did you actually read his speech, or are you just basing your view on the out-of-context quotes in the media?

If your DID read the entire speech, then it seems that comprehension is not your strong point.

Charmaine said...

Adolf I think you have this very wrong and obviously you are not in the inner circle or you would have had Don's email.

Please read

Tinman said...

Mr Brash, of course, is famous for, when Governor of the Reserve Bank, advising people not to buy residential property but to rent.

At the time the thought that if everyone rented there would be no one to rent off never crossed his mind.

It appears he hasn't gained wisdom with age.

The Gantt Guy said...

Adolf, you're right that Dr Brash wants reform at a far quicker pace than John Key. That's likely because Dr Brash has a far greater understanding of just how precarious is New Zealand's financial position. New Zealand is in a death-spiral, in danger of falling off the bottom of any OECD charts you care to mention. What New Zealand really needs is a dose of Ruthanasia.

Don't be fooled by Cunliffe's proclamations either. There's no way Andrew Little will stand for any sort of partial sell-off or privatisation, or other move towards the centre. And when time gets called for John Key, Liarbore will continue their hard-a-port tack. If Key hasn't at least righted the course in the meantime (which he has shown no sign of doing thus far), the journey to socialist utopia will end that much faster.

Your attempt to explain away key's lack of action on being in a coalition with a pack of racist separatists is less accurate. He's made plenty of deals he hasn't had to make. The secret deals provisions of the new Foreshore & Seabed being just the most egregious. He's shown his hand early, apparently not realising that there is no "enough" with the apartheid party. They won't stop until non-Maori New Zealanders are guests in their own country, and are always only 1 disagreement from walking away.

Dr Brash perhaps should go across to ACT; it's not like they don't need the help. The problem with ACT of course is that even when they recover from the self-inflicted wounds in their feet, the coordinated MSM campaign against them won't let up. Perhaps because the Left knows that with a strong ACT, National won't have to do deals with racists and watermelons.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling to remember what party Don Brash led into the 2005 election.....started with a 'N'.

At the time I rememeber someone named Adolf on this blog gaining erections by the day at the thought of Brash being PM.

What was the name of the party again?


baxter said...

Don Brash is right in much of his criticism. It is beneficial for him to repeat the direction in which the Nation should head. Lest we forget and fall further into the disaster that is Socialism.

mawm said...

Most National supporters voted for National in the last elections to get rid of the intrusive socialism of Klarks government.

They have failed to do so.

Rather than critisize Brash, for what seems to be sensible Tory ideas, maybe you should be looking at what National is doing wrong.

I will not vote in the next election because I will not endorse this National government.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mawn, I'm so pleased you have exclusive and accurate knowledge of what motivated 'most' National supporters to vote.

Anonymous said...

A former national party leader lamenting the socialist policies of his former caucus mates, and you abuse him......
the problem Adolf is the country is in a very large debt hole and it gets bigger by $250m every week because we have't taken any of the hard decision yet. So far Klark sold gen x into debt slavery, key has signed up Gen Y, but rapidly that is going to include gen next and the current mob going thru high school. When will enoug be enough?

mawm said...

Adolf - it appears to me that National have not a clue at all why people voted labour out of power.

From commetary from "most" National supporters that I know, it appears that I do have more of an idea as to what motivated "most" national supporters to vote than this current National government does.

Smart words do not alter the fact that National voters are getting pissed off with the government, and does not alter the fact that National voters are buoyed by Brash's most recent speech.

Electoral Finance Act
Foreshore and Seabed

RightsaidFred said...

Nice logic there Mawm... Your little circle of national voting buddies of course would be a completely representative and accurate sample of the other million odd nat supporters.

The Gantt Guy said...

Adolf, I'm with MAWM on this. What's the point of having a National government if all they do is implement Liarbore policies? Surely there should be *some* difference between the major parties (notwithstanding that I understand they're both fighting for the hearts and minds of a "centre" that, thanks to the bilious bitch and her minions, is so far to the left they make the UK look positively conservative)?

pdm said...

What Mawm said in both posts. I am not part of Mawms inner circle but like Mawm a number of people I know express exactly the same sentiments.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

I think Adolf wants New Zealand to experience the same harsh realism that Ireland is now going through.

The IMF will get New Zealand marching to a different tune. Should be fun.

KG said...

Adolf, there comes a point when supporting Blue Labour begins to look like a dogged support of the inexcusable.
Mawm is right--National came to power on the back of dissatisfaction with Labour, certainly not because of National's expressed policies--there weren't any, remember?
Something which at the time you put down to Key "not wanting to frighten the horses" ahead of reforms.
There have been precious few reforms and the horses remain un-frightened.
Because it's business as usual.
Key's popularity is due mainly to the fact that he hasn't disturbed the welfare gravy train and that's an indictment, not a recommendation.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I really really wish some of you people would stop taking such unmitigated horse shit!

1 We are not borrowing an extra 250 mil per week. Most of the borrowing is rolling over existing debt. If you are too thick to know the difference then please fuck off and waste someone else's blog space.

2 Maybe you should cast your mind back to eaxactly what National promised during the last campaign. Do you not recall the major promise that there would be no major upheaval while the country was in or recovering from recession? You'd be the first bunch of idiots howling about broken promises if National did your bidding at this particular time.

3 Do you remember John Key saying he would not introduce any radical changes without first 'taking the people along with him'?
If he did as some of you idiot shouters demand he would simply be repeating the sins of Helen Clark who, like Obama, went about implementing her draconian agenda which had never been disclosed during any campaign.

Now off you go and shout somewhere else where your less than the margin or error percentage supporters can hear you.

Anonymous said...

This post shows how out of touch and desperate Adolf is.

Adolf needs to get his blinkers off and leave the “Red Muffed” Brigade.

All Key wants is to keep his domineering power. The people did not vote to give him unprecedented power.

"Power at any cost" will be Key's 'Trade Mark'.

Unfortunately for New Zealand, he lacks the skill and competence in managing our interests.


KG said...

"Do you remember John Key saying he would not introduce any radical changes without first 'taking the people along with him'?"
Which must explain, of course, why he chose to ignore the 87%+ of respondents to the smacking referendum?

KG said...

Oh, and the ETS isn't a "radical change"?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

KG, yes I'll grant you that but it's only half as radical as the one you would have got from the other mob.

Sally, do you suck on green lemons for breakfast every morning? You should go back and read what you have just written. I'm still laughing.

KG said...

Adolf, I think we're long past the point where "yes, but it's not as bad as the others would have been" is acceptable.
A slower slide is nonetheless a slide.

RightsaidFred said...

His 60% popularity rating would tend to disagree and make a mockery of Mawm and co's claims about how national supporters are feeling. He doesn't have to support the far right, when he can leech just as many votes from the moderate left/center.

Thats the nature of democracy, he has to appease the masses, if you don't like instead of wanking on about an armed revolution aka Redbaiter, find some wee Island nation and set up your own dictatorship.

mawm said...

RSF - has it occured to you that the 51 - 54% of voters who respond to polls saying they support Key is as a result of a shift to the left of the spectrum of voters supporting National. Quite simply put these are traditionally Labour supporters and they will very easily switch back to Labour when labour sorts out its leadership and extreme left policies. And that this shift to the left has left the non-centrist National supporters adrift, feeling betrayed............and angry. Unlike the labour supporters, they will not forget the betrayal of Key and Co.

Remember 28%?

Anonymous said...

Don Brash's speech was constructive and forward thinking. A few off the cuff comments in reply from frightened aparatchiks is all the MSM reported.

John Key has had a fair crack of the whip to settle in and actually do something apart from appear nice.

He hasn't done so.

So, National, how about a plan of your own to get NZ out of the shit instead of just slagging another's plan? How about being less fearful of what your Maori "partners" say about you publicly? [In private they are probably laughing at you as they deride weakness and appeasement]


The Gantt Guy said...
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The Gantt Guy said...

Adolf & Co, as I said earlier, what's the point of having a National government if all they're doing is implementing Labour policies?

Someone really needs to tell John Key what National's vision & values are.

And RSF, the 60% is a furfy. Key is so popular only because there are no viable contenders. Who else is on the list? Phil Goff? The bilious bitch?

The right of the National party would rally behind Brash the way they did when Mr 28% English failed so abysmally.