Saturday, November 6, 2010

They Don't Know How Lucky They Are

The Republicans, that is.

There is much acrimonious debate, such as this, going on in conservative circles about the result in the mid term Senate elections. The argument runs that if Palin and De Mint had not foisted 'ideologically pure' but inexperienced and unelectable candidates upon the GOP, then they would likely now have won control of both houses. Of course, Palin and De Mint argue, with some justification, that there is no certainly the alternative candidates would have won.

What seems to gather less comment, however, is the notion that maybe the GOP is far far better off for the next two years with the dopey doncs retaining control of the senate. Come election time in 2012 when it really counts it might just be a very good thing indeed to be able to blame the Democrat controlled senate for a lack of progress in restraining the excesses of Obama and his leftist cronies. The Republicans will get plenty of runs on the board in the meantime and appear to have got off to a pretty good start with some strong and unequivocal statements from the likely speaker and senate majority leader. Clearly these two people know that while the electorate has slapped down Obama it has not yet invited the GOP to stay for dinner. The challenge in front of the Republicans is to demonstrate by deeds as well as words that they deserve the presidency in 2012. Yet they must do this without allowing Obama and his shifty mates to steal credit for any improvement in the economy during that time.

Republicans will be able to exert huge pressure on threatened Democrat senators to 'come across' on particular issues without giving Obama the wriggle room necessary for him to turn around in 2012 and take all the credit. Had Republicans controlled both houses and the economy continues to stagnate, then it would have been oh so easy in 2012 to persuade a gullible electorate that the GOP was responsible for all the problems.

So Adolf's advice to the moaners in the GOP is pretty simple.

Thank your lucky stars Sarah Palin and the Tea Party got you back into the game. You couldn't have done it without them. Stop moaning and get on with the job of beating back tax increases, reigning in profligate spending and repealing Obamacare.


Semper Fi said...

It was clearly Palins team of 'prayer warriors' who made all the difference.

When she's elected she won't even need advisors, just her team of warriors making sure gods will is done. And the U.S will once again rise above all the pretenders.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Semper Fi, your mockery is telling. It tells of your inadequacy and stupidity.

You seem not to know that most Christians have moral values which include moderation in all things, austerity, thrift, an abhorrence of envy, a respect for personal freedom and a tolerance for the other feller's point of view. That is why they have risen up against Obama who epitomizes everything they regard as contrary to their moral principals.

Nothing at all to do with religious belief but you are too thick and smarmy to see that.

Anonymous said...

Can we please get a government that engages in the "reigning in profligate spending" in New Zealand first?

Do you think the bloc in charge at the moment might manage to do this any time soon?

Ford Anglia.

Psycho Milt said...

Nope. Same problem here as in the States - everyone wants the govt to spend less, but not on the services they use. Those services are important and must be maintained, and if anything they need even more spent on them. It's the services all these other assholes use that need less spent on them. Tricky business, pleasing voters.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ford Anglia, do you think they haven't?

Anonymous said...

NZ largest dead weight expense is Social Welfare. There is also a huge amount of fraud involved in the system. I propose that every but the aged pension who are claiming for a benefit should be finger printed or retinal scanned, and go into the nearest Winz office to have their presence in NZ verified for the relavant collection of a benefit. This would serve 2 purposes in that it would allow the govt minimise the doubling up thefts from people claiming 2 or more benefits under different names, and it brings a sense of responsibility to the actual payment in that in order to get it. While in the office the able bodied can be given assistance to help improve their likelihood of employment, by upskilling or linking into the new whanau ora groups for life skills/ job seeking education to be enhanced. Theres no reason why the finger print reader couldn't be located in one of the Whanau Ora winz offices either.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking at the USA its laughable to think either the Libs or Reps have the answer. Until they sort out the Fed Reserve nowt will change and the decline will continue.

kevin said...

Who sold off the US gold reserves? When? Just curious.

Sarah J said...

Is O'Donnell actually dumber than Palin and Pelosi?

And watch the video if you have any doubt.

This dumb bitch has absolutely no understanding of the founding documents at all. What dregs can the Teaparty manage to bring up now.

Anonymous said...

Mr Fiinkensein, quite frankly, no I do not think they have. Do you?

Ford Anglia

WAKE UP said...

That's it Sarah, you hang on by a thread.

Here's a question for you: given his proven inability to operate under the Constitution (Panther prosecutions, anyone?), do you think Attorney-General Eric Holder is (a) dumb (b) rat-cunning (c) a traitor to his country (d) all three?

onelaw4all said...

Actually, Sarah J, there is no mention of separation of church and state in the 1st amendment.
This was a much later (and controversial) decision from the SCOTUS (mid 20th century from memory)

The original intent of the 1st amendment is to prevent the establishment of State sponsored religion, something the founders with intimate with.

S said...

Wakey, the fact that I included Pelosi should have clued you onto the fact that I don't support them. Your example therefore fails not that it had much chance of sucess in the first place, moron + moron = 2 morons they don't negate each other.

WAKE UP said...

S, that Pelosi is mad as a cut snake is a given (especially what we;'ve seen post-election)

But I think the attitude of someone who writes "...what dregs can the Teaparty manage to bring up now?" is pretty clear.

And I note you dodged my question about Holder.