Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Sinking Herald

Auckland's daily tabloid carries yet another deadly serious exposition of impending doom for Kiribati resulting from climate change. Another gathering of fools lamenting the destruction of Kiribati from rising sea levels.

Read the piece and weep at the piles of taxpayers' money wasted at talk fest after talk fest in preparation for yet more talk fests.

For more reliable reading, Adolf recommends this careful and measured exposition which clinically exposes the fraud and bullshit associated with the 'climate change' religion.

Will someone please tell the dopes at The Herald that Kiribati is situated close to the convergence of the Pacific and the Indo-Australian tectonic plates?

Sea levels are not rising. The truth is, their pissant little island is sinking. It is being recycled and the sooner the better.

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Anonymous said...

They need this because its a money maker.
The Marines should have by-passed the place.