Thursday, November 4, 2010

Major faults now discovered under Wellington


Anonymous said...

What's Jonkey doing about it? Nothing

What's ACT doing about it> Nothing

We all know what needs to happen
* welfare terminated
* state "health" and "education" terminated
* super terminated
* all SOEs sold off
* all debt repaid - public and private
* ACC levies terminated
* Business taxes terminated
* Unions terminated
* MMP repealed - replaced by exporters franchise
* Robust sanctions against corrupt government 2000-2010

Key was elected to do this - so why has John "Do Nothing" Key done nothing?

Anonymous said...

come on now, John key hasn't done nothing at all! smiling and waving and taking happysnaps with airhead know nothing liberati takes a lot of doing (any taxpayer spending to boot)

Ross said...

Please correct image URL so that I can appreciate the joke.

kevin said...

looks more like a (political) line graph to me...Is that Winnie or Rodney in the ocean?

dad4justice said...

Everybody knows that major faults sit like stuffed overpaid dummies in that cess pit Beehive. They call them pollies who lie and cheat money from the taxpayer.

kehua said...

So who else is there that you would rather have in power?