Friday, November 26, 2010

Labour Backs National For 2011

In a sign of uncharacteristic fiscal sanity, Labour's loquacious and self absorbed finance spokesman has guaranteed NACTionalMP's second term in office.

Cunliffe has announced Labour's support for private minority shareholding in State Owned Enterprises.

What a remarkable turnaround this is from the very recent raucous screaming about 'selling off the family silver.' Mind you, why any sane person would want to buy a share in Kiwirail is beyond me.

  • Blenglish will be smiling today as he calculates just how much debt he can retire from 2012 onward as a result of partial asset sales.
  • McCarten will be smiling today as he calculates how many votes he can rip off Labour by demagoguing this issue to his dumb-arse submoronic electoral minions.
  • Filk Off will be smiling bravely as he desperately tries to figure out what it all means.
Cunliffe won't have woken up to the fact that his policy might allow the sale of 100% of Kiwibank to an investor who will call it a minority share in NZ Post.

Is this the brain box who would be leader of the Labour Party?

Funny thing is, it's very difficult to find a picture of this fellow with his mouth shut.


RightNow said...

I think Cunliffe is trying to move Labour to the right, a National-lite as it were. He has the right idea, but will be kneecapped by the hard lefties within the party.

The Gantt Guy said...

It's certainly an interesting dosey-doe, trying to paint National as the further-left and Liarbore as the centrists.

Won't work of course, but nice try.

David said...

I think this is brilliant. English made all these promises and is too scared of his own shadow to do anything. Its a Tony Blair type stand against the leftist union nonsense that has made labour unelectable. Blair of course won 3 elections and is to the right of our pathetic national government.

pdm said...

I wonder if President Little has phoned Cunliffe yet and got him back into line like he did to Goff when he supported the 90 day probation legislation.

Anonymous said...

its all a ruse to get National to bring out something similart, then to flip-flop their policy to gain traction with blah blah... assets sales... evil... thieves.....
but Blenglish will do the complete opposite like the moron he is, and probably find 2.3B for some dickheaded railway tunnel in Auckland

Deepak said...
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Simon said...

Cun#liffe should shut his mouth otherwise he'll get get drool on his sharp suits.