Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Koff Koff Splutter Gurgle

The ACT party at last has despatched its toxic termite Peter Tashkoff to Tashkent which, for ACT, is close enough to Siberia to be comfortable.

He has been expelled from the party. The only thing which surprises Adolf is that it took so long. Can anyone imagine National or Labour stuffing around for so long with an idiot who has publicly machinated to bring down the leader? Yes, the same leader who is the only reason the party has any presence in Parliament?

The fool even blathered about forming a new party of the right.

"The name being bandied around is the Reform Party ... There are people frantic to start a new party today."

But he did not think it was the right time and he would revisit the issue in the new year.

Funny how right now is never the right time.

Adolf has a better name for his new party. The HWL Party

The Hasbeens, Wannabes and Losers Party. No money, no members and no brains.

CVs have been received from Roger Douglas and Heather Roy.

On his way to political exile, Mr Tashkoff might reflect on the real meaning of the word 'loyalty' and he might also get a hair cut.


Anonymous said...

Many right minded people would say your label applies to all political parties as they are all stuffed with people who want to tell the rest of us how we should live our lives. The real problem is that this do gooder will be replaced by another wannabe and we will have not made real progress toward smaller government.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'do gooder?' Precisely what did this fellow ever do which might be construed as 'good'?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's studied at the Chris Carter school of loyalty and doesn't care if he kills his party while trying to cure it.

Anonymous said...

Well Adolf he acted in a way that got him booted out so I guess you could say that's good. If only there were more like him and a sinking lid policy. How about a very heavy sinking lid?

HP, The way you talk about the party has an awful Soviet / Chinese ring about it - loyalty to a self serving entity without soul. ACT being a lesser evil doesn't make it OK per se. How depressing it is when we look to Rodders (a trougher like the rest) for inspiration.