Monday, November 29, 2010

Go The Libs

Update: Brumby concedes defeat.

Its election night in Victoria and the latest polls indicate the Coalition might win. Most commentators predict a hung parliament.

Update: 2012hrs: ABC Australia predicting Coalition win with possibly 47 seats out of 90.

2053: So far with just under one percent counted the Coalition is a country mile ahead with National streets ahead of anyone else. Well, obviously that's because it's mostly rural booths counted thus far.

2100: 2.5% counted and Coalition 57%, Labor 26%. Don't get too excited, this is an FFP election so what matters is who wins how many seats. Won't know much for another hour.

2103: 3.5% counted Coalition 52%, Labor 29%, Greens 10%. A whopping 4.3% of the votes are informal. Dumbarse Ockers! In case you didn't know, voting is compulsory.

2110: 5.6% counted. No change. These are first preference votes. So, where no candidate makes 50% or better in a seat, the one with the least votes is eliminated and that candidates second preferences are distributed to the remaining candidate. It might be a long night.

2113: 8.0% counted. Coalition 51%, Labour 30%, Greens 10%. These are the Greens who killed 140 or so people in bush fires last year.

2121: 10% counted. Coalition 51%, Labor 31%, Greens 10%. Hell, I might need to open another bottle of shiraz.

2130: 15.8% counted. Coalition 49%, Labor 33%, Greens 10%. Now it starts to get interesting. I'll have to start watching for confirmed results in in individual electorates.

2136: 20% counted. Coalition 48%, Labor 34%, Greens 10%. According to the ABC the Coalition has won 36 seats and Labor 18. Victory goes to whoever wins 45 seats.

2143: 24% counted. Coalition 47$, Labor 24%, Greens 10%.

2147: 29% counted. Coalition 38%, Labor 25%, Greens 10%. Looks like a toss up between sanity and government by the Greens.

2145: 33.3% counted. Coalition 47%, Labor 35%, Greens 11%. How can a whole 11% of the population be stupid enough to vote for these killers? 140 fire victims and now 29 West Coast miners.

2205: ABC has it 43 seats for the Coalition and 33 seats for Labor. Looking pretty good for the Good Guys. Only two to go.

2008: 41% counted. Coalition 46%, Labor 36%, Greens 11%. Victorians can thank their lucky stars they don't have MMP.

2022: ABC predicting 46 seats for the Coalition and 35 for Labor.


Anonymous said...

Big swing to the Coalition. Good job. I'm particularly following the result for Doncaster - Mary Wooldridge. She's in a safe Liberal seat but has increased her vote from 51% to 66% - but only 26% counted thus far.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Looks OK with 62% finally.

The Veteran said...

Today Victoria; tomorrow (or March)
NSW; later Queeenland. Labor State Governments on the rocks.

Soon the only State to have a Labor Government will be South Australia and Adolf will have something to say and do about that.

The bigger question ... how long can the Gillard Government last?

KG said...

It's a great result, especially since it was in part the Coalition's decision to dump the Greens and stick to their own brand which helped them.