Friday, November 19, 2010

Gillard's Gurgler

It hasn't taken long for Gillard's patchwork quilt majority to unravel.

Her majority was dependent on the Greens and three even loopier independents, one of whom appears potentially about to exit parliament.

Nothing is guaranteed to incense Australians more than the notion that some greedy venal prick spread toxic waste on roads which drain into the waters of the nation's oyster farms. Oakeshott will be drummed out because the establishment knows he's now more politically toxic than than a dilly bag of dioxin.

Add to that the fact that Gillard has largely kept all the policies of her predecessor who she white anted in order to gain power. Her obsession with a carbon tax which nobody wants is a classic case in point.

No wonder some are calling her a carbon copy of Rudd with a bigger arse. (You'll know when the media have turned against her when they cease cropping every close or medium range photo to show only her top half.) Opinion polls are trending strongly against her and some commentators even predict she will be rolled shortly by the power brokers of the Victorian ALP.

'Tis a wonderful time to be a conservative. Tony Abbott and the Libs must be congratulating themselves on having maneuvered themselves into the most victorious general election defeat in history.


Anonymous said...

come in, ackers

Anonymous said...

Not the least bit surprised that Oakeshitt has quite possibly done something stoopid........