Monday, November 1, 2010

A fact of life

The authority told the complainant it is a fact of life that we live in a society that eats meat and seafood, and living creatures must be killed in order for this to happen.

For some reason I kind of like this statement.
As a society we need to face up to a few more facts of life.

1. We live in a country that is getting poorer by the day.
The value of our assets - houses, property,businesses and farms - are being driven downwards.
Revaluing will be a word you will hear more and more as the banks tighten up on lending and business confidence staggers.

2. We consume more than we can pay for.

3. Our big government model is too expensive to sustain without borrowing cash and/or crippling the productive people. But to our politician's great relief we will never vote in a government that will change this.

4. We have no real control over the value of our $ and interest rates.

5. We are lucky to be blessed with scenery that movie producers like. If Middle earth could have been found in China the LOR movies would have been made there along with all the 'Designed in .... made in China' stuff we buy at the malls every weekend.

6. Last century was about workers' rights. This century is about workers' survival. Unions need to wake up to this fact while they have some credibility left or otherwise consign themselves to the history books.


Tinman said...

Why are we paying for these interfering busybodies to have their "complaints" heard?

Time for tossers who complain to the BST (and any other similar bodies) to be charged a refundable deposit - to be repaid if the authority consider their complaint both justified and reasonable.

I agree with the rest of your post by the way.

Anonymous said...

What trougher mp is off on a trip with his new bitch or bloke or both???
Fuck, do the troughers change their life styles, hell no :o(( lockwood smith just suppresses all troughing details so the trougher can muck out,opps its built into their salary,fuckers its in theit package, so PISS OFF PLEBES TROUGHERS TROUGH

showmethetaxcut said...

No.3. You forgot to add that this is because the number of troughers and bludgers out numbers the poor taxpayers who might generate the fuckin tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

This blog continues to take schizophrenic stances, defending big-government Nats against all comers while simultaneously demanding things that this government has no stomach for. How long will you continue to do this? Either keep defending the Nats, or start sticking by your principles. One or the other.

Psycho Milt said...

Which principles? No Minister has multiple authors with differing political opinions.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, I would have put it differently.

The dumb bastard clearly can't read. You, I and others have stated for all to see many many times the plain fact that on one author 'owns' this blog.

Anon, with his not quite NCEA level comprehension, desperately needs National's national standards so that he can go back to school and pick up the education he missed.

Anonymous said...

"No.3. You forgot to add that this is because the number of troughers and bludgers out numbers the poor taxpayers who might generate the fuckin tax revenue."

Well, short of a Greek style implosion we're going to keep on trucking. Nobody can really do anything about it because we have a system which is geared toward administration not revolution and combined with universal franchise there are simply too many interest to be placated.

If the individual is powerless in such a situation then the obvious course of action would be to ignore the talking head politicians who say everything's going to be all right and make preparations to ensure your own financial survival.