Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dumbarsed Co'oconuts

It seems some dumb-arsed coconuts are not as dumb as some other dumb-arsed coconuts, way down yonder in Mana electorate.

When a series of allegations surfaced about Ms Masoe, the Social Development Ministry commissioned independent forensic accountant Deloitte to investigate. Its findings – in November 2009 – were damning........

......However, Richard Wood, head of Family and Community Services at MSD, said an initial review was carried out by Child, Youth and Family and involved inquiries with Porirua police. Its findings did not "warrant laying a complaint with police".

Better get some heads rolling, Mr Key. Seems like Mr Wood, at least, is ready for the chop.


Anonymous said...

If we get near the top of the world least corrupt list there must be some shockers out there.

The only remotely sensible recent official statement about troughing was yesterday's "Go to hell". Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Anonymous said...

Trougholitis is alive and well in Nelson too. The DHB are trying to fund a private company with new premesis, whilst then giving them a hugely discounted non commercial rent and the PHO are going to fit the new building out for them for no charge, with no inkling of repayment of the loan let alone interest charging on the loan. The "contract" is not even going to be tendered.
remind me how much NZ Govt borrows every week to keep this sort of corruption going?

Falafulu Fisi said...

This coconut woman is definitely not a dumbarsed.