Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Am I Not Surprised?

The SFO is investigating those paragons of oriental inscrutable business virtue over at Natural Dairy and UBNZ Group.

These are the people who allegedly want to invest over $200 million in dairy farms and dairy product production facilities in this country.

You think I'm xenophobic? You bethcha I am when it comes to the pricks who think it's OK to let a few babies die rather than jeopardize their glitzy games opening; the pricks who steal other people's intellectual property without a second thought; these pricks who blame 'whitey' when they fuck up their own businesses; these pricks who just simply cannot be trusted EVER to do the right thing.

By all means trade with them, sell them foodstuffs and buy their cheap crap but don't ever let the smiling, mendacious, sly, duplicitous little bastards within a thousand miles of the NZ dairy industry or any other national asset whose value and brand can be destroyed just as quickly as our film industry has been destroyed by Robyn Malcolm and Graceless Kelly.


Anonymous said...

Monty Python once sang a song called "I like Chinese". One line says "There's 900 million of them in the world today, you'd better learn to like them that's what I say". It was obviously written a few years ago.

Notwithstanding your rant I suspect there will be millions who are outstanding as individuals. They don't get massacared or locked up for years because they like and support the staus quo.

That's more courage than a NZ'er has had to have for a while.

WAKE UP said...

The Chinese purchase was never a goer, to any ordinary person; just reading the papers was enough (and that despite the crap reporting).

So, what's more interesting is the question: who had fingers in the pie but finally got cold feet?

Anonymous said...

At some point we have to ask ourselves where does private interest end and national interest begin.

Lets not focus on the character of the chinese regime as odious as it is because I think it is a distraction from the real issue.

Our trading 'partners' like the Australia and the US are just as likely to fuck us over if its in their interest to do so. Look at the state of apple and meat export while the U.S tries to force us the reduce subsidies on drugs and take away state buying power.

I'm all for the free market but the ground rules of the market must be set for a purpose - to get the best deal for NZ and in the case of farmland and control of the value chain for dairy products it may be best to regulate for no foreign ownership.

If farmers were stupid enough to over leverage and think that overpaying foreigner are going to allow them to cash-out with their asses intact then that is their delusion and they'll pay for it.