Thursday, October 14, 2010


With the Rugby 7s powering to yet another victory, this time at the Commonwealth Games, can Gordon Tietjens claim to be our most successful coach across all sporting codes?

Answer ... YES.


JC said...

I wonder if thats due to the fact he's acknowledged as the most merciless coach on fitness we ever had in any sport.


pdm said...

Yes - especially given that he is usually working with non recognised players after Henry and the Super 14 outfits get first dibs.

A motivator and man manger superior to anyone else currently in the higher coaching echelons of NZ rugby.

Big Bruv said...

Sorry Veteran, I cannot agree.

Dick Tonks is the nations best coach, he has turned out real world champions for years and years.

Rugby sevens is nothing more than a festival game played by nations that do not really take is seriously.

It says so much about our pathetic desperation to be noticed on the world stage that we try and beat up a sevens victory to mean more than it actually does.

Yes the team did well, and yes we are right to congratulate them but in the real world it means nothing.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the world of course sees NZ (22 silver medals)

as the Nation of Chokers

good - but not good enough to beat Australia.

gravedodger said...

Sir Gordon Tietjens has a nice ring to it.

Tinman said...

NZ should never beat Oz over a range of disciplines - unless, of course, Oz became "a nation of chokers".

Oz has more people and more money.

Big Bruv Tonks' sport is no bigger than rugby sevens (I can't spell "Tietjens") so I can't give you that argument and point out that sevens has consistently been dominated at world level by the NZ outfit despite personnel changes, something Tonks has not achieved.

I agree with most of your argument but not that.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that even 40% of cars in NZ are silver.

We are the Nation of Second Place, and we seem to love it.

pdm said...

anon 4.15pm.

Not as much as the poms who do laps of honour when they come second.

Anonymous said...

While there is no doubt he is one of our top coaches, it is far fetched to say he wasnt as successful as Lydiard. 2 Golds in one afternoon at the track in Rome, as well as coaching multiple world record holders/gold medallist and revolutionised coaching in athletics is a more significant achievement

pdm said...

anon - I was comparing him with recent AB coaching panels.

Lydiard, is in a different league altogether. A man well ahead of his time who got superb results and surely the icon of all NZ coaches.

Duncan Laing wasn't too bad either.