Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So there was dear old Phil rocketing into John Key yesterday for not taking a firmer line over the Paul Henry brain explosion. Ok, agreed, JK's response was limited to labelling him a "Shock Jock" but let's say he had gone further and called for PH's head. That would have left TV1 hamstrung as any decent employment lawyer would be able to argue 'abuse of process' and 'undue political pressure'.

But Phil, as a lawyer of very little experience, could hardly be expected to know that ... and pigs fly high.

Contrast this with Phil's deafening silence over the revelation that a Labour Party member(s) standing on the Labour Party ticket in the Auckland Local Body elections is now before the Courts facing multiple charges of electoral fraud.

True leadership would have seen Phil put out a Press Release along these lines ......

"As leader of the Labour Party I am saddened that members of my Party are now facing charges of electoral fraud. I place the highest store on the integrity of the electoral process and any abuse of that will not be tolerated. I am particularly concerned that this action could lead to the results being challenged in the Courts.

I acknowledge that our selection process might be seen as found wanting and I expect the president of the Labour Party will take action to correct this. In the meantime I confirm it is my view that if those persons now before the Courts are found guilty of electoral fraud then they should be expelled from the Labour Party".

But he won't because ...................................


Psycho Milt said...

Presumably because the leader of the Labour Party already released such a statement.

And would it have killed Smile-and-Wave to have stuck up for his Governor General, rather than having a giggle with the professional retard and seeing no reason not to continue appearing on his show? Just maybe?

Anonymous said...

PM ... care to post it here so we can all share his words of wisdom. Can't find it on his website.

And how do you translate JKs look of increduality into "a giggle".

Look, when Labour's having a bad day/month/year under a Leader who continues to press the wrong buttons then the story of the Emperor without any clothes comes to mind.

But I guess his courtiers need to continue the charade.

pdm said...

Vet - the words or phrases:
Phil Goff
Electoral integrity

just do not fit together. After this man was right in the thick of drafting and pushing through the Electoral Finance Bill a couple of years ago.

Hypocrit is an all encompassing word for Phil these days.

Psycho Milt said...

Little's made two statements on it: one here when the investigation was announced, and one here after the arrests. The statements are along the lines the Veteran thinks Goff should make.

Goff may be a terrible Leader of the Opposition, but it's not his job to comment on this, it's Little's.

And how do you translate JKs look of increduality into "a giggle".

According to reports, his look of discomfort was followed by joking with Henry about whether he wanted the job himself. That is having a giggle with a professional offensive retard about an insult to the Governor General, isn't it? Or what would you call it?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Aaaaaah Milt, so the leader has morphed into the president? The pricks are so hard to tell apart. They all look the same, you know.

Just like Indians.

The Veteran said...

PM ... I saw the Key-Henry interview and clearly you didn't and have instead relied on 'reports' to conjour up another baseless allegation ... and all from the Labour Party Handbook on how to steal elections.

But I do agree with you that Goff is terrible leader. However I must caution that saying that might well see 'them' doing a Chris Carter on you.

You could always join the Progressives though and I'm sure Jimbo would welcome your company following his defeat on Saturday.

Psycho Milt said...

Adolf: sorry, yes the comment should have read "Presumably because the president of the Labour Party already released such a statement." It being the president's job to do so, not Goff's, as even a cursory look at it makes obvious. Of course you and the Veteran, being National supporters, would love to see Goff jump into this, just like the Standard would be demanding Key smear himself with it if a C&R candidate was involved in electoral fraud. But there's no reason he should oblige.

Veteran: OK, went and watched it on YouTube, and there's Key indulging Henry in his abuse of the GG and having a joke with him about giving Henry the job. Was it some other interview you watched?

Murray said...

Isn't there a terrorist Goof could go hold hands with while he moralises at us?

Anonymous said...

Re the Henry/Key interview, what Henry was really getting at is when exactly might a white man be next appointed GG.

Given the storm in a tea cup that followed, aren't all hand-wringers glad he tiptoed round saying what he actually meant.

The Veteran said...

PM ... you said "giggle" implying that JK somehow thought PH's comments were funny.

Just where did you see that?

Psycho Milt said...

It's a blog post, not a court of law. Goff didnt literally "rocket into" Key, Henry didn't literally have a "brain explosion," no-one expects Key to literally "call for Henry's head," and so on. Nor did Key literally "giggle" with Henry. Neither of us is likely to be sued over it.