Friday, October 8, 2010

On Dickshit Leftists

I have refrained thus far from making any comment on the hype and ballyhoo over Paul Henry's remarks.

However, it is fascinating to see the lengths to which the Left will go, in their attempts to have him sacked. It seems they regard him as a cockroach to be squashed. A right winger nestling in their private little coven of leftist seat warmers at TVNZ. A veritable interloper.

Well, Adolf hopes the shouters actually do persuade TVNZ to fire Henry. I reckon he'll make close to $20 million out of it if Hawkesby's case is any guide.

You see, he'll simply go to the Employment Court and wave his contract in which there will be various clauses which will allow him to say:-

"I was simply complying with my employer's instructions. They required me to be controversial and to go right over the top because they desperately needed an improvement in their ratings."

That's the real reason for TVNZ's foolishly bland initial reaction to the fuss. It was all part of a ratings strategy.

Now we might see who the real Dickshits are.


Murray said...

The last leftist patsy in the guise of a morning show host was Oliver Driver.

Reruns of Magnum PI that replaced him got better ratings.

TVNZ can't be that stupid.

Simon said...

If you're an Aussie or especially posh, the pronunciation is Deek-Sheet.

Anonymous said...

While the blog thrust may well be correct I can't believe that the guy is so childish as to take the piss out of a name and giggle about it. That's peurile school yard stuff and should have no place in supposed serious programming or for anyone intelligent over about 15. I'd get rid of him as he's adding to the dumbing down process. Benny Hill at least pretended to be funny.

Drunky said...

What has the furore over his comments go to do with political affiliation at all?

Anonymous said...

What indeed. I've over the schdenfraude from every other media outlet, particularly the Herald.

I'm sure they're planning on adding a Paul Henry tab on their web edition any day now.

But I somewhat disagree about ratings. What are they competing with exactly? Radio?

baxter said...

I find it somewhat sinister and threatening that the left, weak as they are politically, can stir up such a maelstrom of outrage against an individual worker, and that the elected government reacts so submissively. All about a matter of little consequence.

ziggy said...

Actually, there is a post over at Kiwipolitico that while not defending what Henry said, notes that his actions were facilitated by management and that he should therefore not be sacked.

So there is at least one Left blog that is not toeing the party line on this controversy.

Anonymous said...

Labour have their own dickshits, a case in point being Chris Carter

Psycho Milt said...

Ziggy: haven't blogged on it but agree with Kiwipolitico that TVNZ can hardly sack him, given that they've encouraged him to do this for the ratings.

I think the stuff about the left attempting to have him sacked is a bit of a straw man. Apart from the loony fringe, I've mainly noticed the left encouraging people to let the show's advertisers know that we're associating their products with this shit. Which is fair enough - there's no reason not to let TVNZ know that appealing to the dumbass bigot market has risks as well as rewards.

Anonymous said...

Difficult to understand why anyone would want to defend Henry. My first encounter was just a month ago back for a holiday - I was gob smacked at how ghastly the man was.

One never has high expectations of NZ TV, the experience is always Z grade at best but Henry seemed to be in a class of his own.

What an appalling excuse for a human being. The latest manifestations of his wit sackable offences at the vey least.

Dick shit, gypo, born and bred in NZ but a different skin colour then you aren't really a 'New Zealander' Seriously what in the fuck are we defending here?

The right to be a racist moron and to have that representative of the way 'New Zealanders' think but are too afraid to express.

Three strikes too many. Ditch the dick, no questions asked.

Ackers said...

And what's it got to do with left / right?

To be offended by racists is hardly a leftist trait.

One would hope.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure , everyone who thought Henry's comments were offensive is a Leftist, ironclad logic. Are you saying you are in the regrettably large group of Kiwis that have no problem with Henry's comments?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Learn to read, dick shit leftist morons.

The post is NOT about his comments. It is about the role of TVNZ in the matter.

And BTW, I don't hear many from the right calling for Henry to be sacked.

James said...

Sky would snap him up in a heart NZ has a brain explosion and lets him go.Henry and TVNZ both kbnow this and so Pauls quite safe where he is....and now more valuable thanks to the useful idiots who have gifted him more publicity than he could ever have dreamed of.....morons.

Inventory2 said...

Unionists call on an EMPLOYER to sack a WORKER; what's the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

"I don't hear many from the right calling for Henry to be sacked."

Yes, that's interesting isn't it? Why is that do you think? Given that they help pay his salary it must be because they actually like guffawing, squawking buffoons.

It's hilarious watching you guys defend Henry because you perceive him as one of yours. You know it makes you look like dicks and yet here you are.

Judge Holden