Monday, October 25, 2010

More Paper Than The Japs.......

.........burnt on December the 7th.

Yep, Adolf finally is going through twenty eight years of junk and retained files in preparation for moving house. I reckon I've burnt more paper than the Japs did on the morning of December 7th, 1941. Most of it to do with the life insurance industry and the Presbyterian Church. It's quite a strange feeling to put part of one's history to the torch.

There are two worthwhile observations.

  1. It is impossible to find even one policy holder who actually derived some benefit from the many mergers and take overs within the life industry during the 90s. Many executives were enriched but not so policy holders.
  2. I'm privileged to have spent some twenty five years involved in the regional administration of the Presbyterian Church and I look back with pleasure that amongst all the ratbag ministers with whom I have dealt, there was no hint of child abuse.
In case you might think Adolf occupied some position of extreme power and influence, such was not the case. I was and remain one of many who collectively do our best to keep every one on the straight and narrow.

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KG said...

You're not the only one Adolf--our 44 gallon drum in the back yard has been sending up a stream of smoke from burning paperwork for a week now. Ain't moving fun?