Friday, October 8, 2010


When we came back from Vietnam nobody wanted to know us.

We had been spat at by the likes of Clark and Goff; certain RSA's made it very clear we weren't welcome; you said you had served and the response was 'Baby Killer'.

Some just couldn't handle that and I know of one case where a soldier I was privileged to command went and lived under a bridge just out of Darfield for six months as his way of getting away from it all.

And now 40 years on from the end of that war all kinds of persons come out of the woodwork claiming that they served. A common theme with these 'wannabees' is that their 'service' was with the SAS and all records have been destroyed because of the nature of that service. These clowns steal the honour of those who went and did their duty. Just as sad are those who embellish their genuine service with tales of action seen that put Audie Murphy to shame.

There is a website dedicated to unmasking these make believe ANZACs. If you want a bit of a laugh or cry have a look at some of these clowns.

See here the story of 'Archbishop' Peter McInness; self appointed Primate of a schematic branch of the Anglican Church and make believe Naval Chaplain who conducts weddings of self appointed Admirals complete with 'purchased' knighthoods.

And here for New Zealand Mayoral Candidate in Saturdays election. Six years after his initial exposure here he is again offering himself as Mayor of the Far North District Council.

And real stitch up here 'Sir' Brian Dudley. A genuine Kiwi veteran who gets himself appointed as patron of an ESO (Ex-Serviceman's Organisation) on the basis of a shonky knighthood.

And finally here a 'sailor' who was booted out of the RNZN and who stole the identy of his uncle to wear his and many other medals none of which he was entitled to.

All sad and pathetic people and feeding on the honour of others.


Murray said...

When my father was recuriting there were some RSA's he didn't even bother to go on tours.

They were "owned" by the WWII mob.

The worst being one large provincial town RSA that I wont name which was run by a former air force WO1 of WWII vintage.

He neve actually left the country but always liked to tell my father that he had served in a "real war" unlike the three my father had served in.

Certain ammount of Walter Mitty in that one too.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not to forget some idiot in the US by the name of Blumenthal!

kevin said...

A huge problem in the USA apparently. Add Iraq/Afghanistan to the mix, with some internet/youtube research so allowing folk out there to 'talk the talk' and generally behave quite plausibly about their supposed time in action. However there is also a strong false ID exposure group thank goodness.

kevin said...

Murray.. lots of the genuine WW2 diggers wouldn't go near an RSA for those same reasons. My father being one. He said there were so many clowns claiming all sorts of WW2 history.

Flashman said...

Ditto Kevin. My Old Man served in the RAF from 1941 to 1946 including Tactical AF from D-Day through to the end. He never went near an RSA after discovering they were full of walter mittys whose actual wartime contributions were mainly confined to bashing typewriters, abusing gearboxes, pinching petrol and keep well away from the sharp end.

Oswald Bastable said...

Back in the '70's, us serving army types were regarded as unwelcome intruders into a private drinking club and were refused membership.

Later, the RSA would allow all-comers as the needed bums on barstools (literally what they got!)

Anonymous said...

Same thing happens elsewhere too. A mate told me of the Pamir ex-crew reunions. He reckoned there were enough seaman claiming time under those sails to have to have manned a fleet. He qestioned one guy who claimed time in her who couldn't recall where the galley was or the head. Like you don't know where you eat and where you shit....?

Re RSA, the old man reckoned the WW1 returned men regarded the WW2 guys as unwelcome Johnny come latelies who weren't real diggers.

Times change.