Friday, October 29, 2010

Media Aids Saboteurs

The Herald carries two foolishly unbalanced and biased pieces on the Hobbitt fiasco and Stuff tags along behind. (John Armstrong's usual sense of objectivity has deserted him.)

It seems the desperate print media are intent on drumming up some controversy where none exists. None of the chest thumping pen pushers seem to realise there was no problem until a foreign union pushed its way into NZ and blackmailed Peter Jackson without realising that it was in fact needling the powerful studios themselves. Of course the studios treated the union like the cockroach it is and crushed it under its heel. Well done.

None of these three pieces even mentions the despicable role of the NZ unions in this disaster.

Not one of these armchair pontificators has enough brains to realise that even double what has been paid thus far would have been a bargain. A small price to pay for some $2 billion dollars worth of economic activity from two films- PLUS the literally billions of dollars worth of activity derived from the future movies which we would have lost if Mr Key and Co had not intervened.

Nobody from Dead Tree Media bothered to calculate how much GST and PAYE revenue the government would have lost if the Hobbit had gone offshore. No, they just bloviate their verbal excrement all over my breakfast table.

Now, dear readers, just ask yourselves who stood to benefit most from a major blow to this country's fragile economic recovery just twelve months out from an election? Then ask yourself which political party is inextricably linked to the perpetrators of this failed piece of economic sabotage?

Ask yourself that question again when you go to vote in Mana and at next year's general election.


Psycho Milt said...

None of these three pieces even mentions the despicable role of the unions in this disaster.

Perhaps because, as you just mentioned yourself, a single foreign union was responsible for it. "The role of the unions" in this disaster is an artifact of your own wishful thinking, just as is the conspiracy theory of Labour having to be behind it, er, somehow.

Charmaine said...

I am not sure what the media is trying to do with this angle. I have spoken to family in the film world an my clients and both groups think John Key walks on water at the moment. I really think the media have got this so wrong.

Have a look at the Herald's poll about the labour laws and 70% believe the government has it right. For the paper to disregard this poll and push the union/Labour/Green message could backfire big time on them.

Exit question, could we at last be seeing the majority of New Zealand finally stand up and be counted??

Charmaine said...

And as for Robyn Malcolm having to sell her house and lay low after death threats, what did she think would happen?? Her naivete in this situation beggars belief and reminds me of a friend who sees the world through movie scripts.

Fluffy said...

I have absolutely nothing against the rights of folks to form unions. I was a union delegate myself for a shop of 13 electricians in the 1990's and it is a good way for employers and employees to cut deals. The problems arise when said unions are filled with Marxist nutjobs wanting to indulge in class warfare.

Lessons of the Patea Freezing Works were never learned.

Anonymous said...

"And as for Robyn Malcolm having to sell her house and lay low after death threats, what did she think would happen??"

Interesting sort of mindset that would blame the victim for receiving death threats. Nice. What were the right squawking about freedom of speech recently?

Judge Holden

The Veteran said...

PM ... you mean that the Kelly girl and the CTU are Aussies in drag!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fluffy sums it up correctly.

Charmaine said...


Sorry call me cynical but I doubt she has received any threats at all. Possibly someone called her dumb and she has blown it out of proportion after all she does have form for this...Matterhorn anyone.

Psycho Milt said...

Have a look at the Herald's poll about the labour laws and 70% believe the government has it right.

When hasn't the general populace supported govts against unions? File under "So the fuck what."

Anonymous said...

hows that dune tasting there Milt?

kevin said...

and I see Avatar/James Cameron is looking at a sequel in NZ now... good news for contractors.

Anonymous said...

"I doubt she has received any threats at all."

Oh I see Charmaine, so you're just calling her a liar. Then why did you say that death threats are what she should have expected and that she brought them on herself? Strange way to suggest she was making them up.

You should just decide on the slur you're going to run with and stick with it. Otherwise you look stupid as well as nasty.

Judge Holden

CB said...

It is just the way the media plays at the moment.

Create drama that the Govt is not doing something. Govt does something. Then write pages of vitriol about all the poor people the government has affected.

Wait til the Govt does reduce the blood alcohol levels and then we will see the 2 Drinks Max campaign sidelined for headlines over poor Nurse Mary who cannot drive to work cause her alcohol level was 0.06.

Just wait!!

Ciaron said...

Oh FFS, did not the Outrageous one say there was no boycott???

She is a proven liar, aside from doing it for a living.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia describes Walter Mitty as "an ordinary, often ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs"

A dead ringer for the "Westie Tart" who has spent her adult working life pretending to be other people.

Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'Yis such a pleasure to dropkick a dropkick into touch.

kehua said...

Judge Holden read my lips, Robyn Malcolm is a Liar!

Ciaron said...

either she is a liar or a weapons grade idiot, either way she gets little credibility from me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kehua and Ciaron. Malcolm reminds me of the parable about the boy crying "Wolf!" Once a party is shown to be a committed liar, and this creep has been, why should anything she now says be treated as though it has veracity?