Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Laughing Stock Releases Report

The stooges of the Waitangi Tribunal have released a report in which they lambaste the Crown for what they see as the imminent demise of the Maori language.

Adolf wonders what the hell they think the Gummint should do about a problem which is brought about by nothing less than neglect on the part of Maori themselves. If they want to save their language then let them do something about it themselves.

Adolf would like to hear from the Waitangi Tribunal a recitation of all the measures which have been taken by such wealthy outfits as Ngai Tahu, Taunui, Te Arawa, Ngati Porou, Nga Puhi, Muri Whenua, Tuwharetoa and others such as Sealord Ltd to rectify what is their problem, not the gummint's problem.

Of one thing New Zealanders can be sure. If you gave the whole bloody country back to the Maoris, lock stock and barrel, they'd still have these fools issuing their reports demanding someone else step up to the plate with yet more money for the Bros.


The Gantt Guy said...

It's a precursor to Maori becoming a compulsory subject at all levels of schooling, right through both primary and secondary school.

Anonymous said...

I thought these number would be seen as a good thing as it means a greater percentage are hopefully learning English.

JC said...

The Govt has poured $225 million into the language to have the number of speakers halve.

But as Pita Sharples says, Maori have to take responsibility for that.

As a conservative I take no pleasure in losing an old friend like the language.. albeit I don't speak it.. but surely Maori can see that Govt money is no substitute for a personal passion to make the language live and breathe.


Anonymous said...

It's dead! Bury it before it begins to stink even more.


Anonymous said...

And let's disband the corrupt Waitangi Tribunal pronto.

Excellent researched article at


WAKE UP said...

This is the bit that gets me:

"The tribunal needs a reality check. At a time of severe economic stringency affecting many New Zealanders, Maori language funding received $260 million last year. This was at a time when our hospitals are now short of beds and funding, hard pressed to retain specialists; when medical laboratories are having to shed staff; when cancer patients are having to travel to Australia for treatment; and when newborn babies are being transferred around the country because of the pressure on neonatal units."

Anonymous said...

The Waitangi Tribunal must be abolished

This was posted this morning by a great writer and researcher.

“It is quite shocking that a number of the settlements promoted by the tribunal have apparently been either elasticized, exaggerated, reinvented – or in fact seemingly historically spurious.”


Anonymous said...