Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just Looking

What a pathetic response from NZ Kirikiti.

A couple of old lags will 'look at' all aspects of the game?

New Zealand Cricket chairman Chris Moller told reporters on Friday the high-level committee will be set up to examine all aspects of cricket, from grassroots to international level.....

......There will be no changes in the Black Caps' management structure for the India tour.

But don't worry chaps, we are not making any changes. It's business as usual as we go on our merry losing ways and if we find ODIs are too difficult for our chaps we'll set up a world cup for beach cricket and hold the event in Tonga.

The Slack Caps would have been better served if all the fools who consistently threw away their wickets against the Bangers were dropped from the team and a whole new bunch of youngsters with the RIGHT ATTITUDE toured India.


pdm said...

Agreed Adolf. I cannot believe the attitude of the `so called' senior players. Mccullum and Taylor seem to have no discipline whatsoever when the bat - both have a history fo trying to play big shots before they have had a look at the bowling.

Outside of the team Vaughan must surely go. NZ cricket has gone backwards at a rate of knots under his stewardship.

Anonymous said...

Oh bullshit. McCullum, Taylor and co are the best we have by some margin. Taylor's test average is similar to Crowe's. Putting in a bunch of untested boys who someone's determined have the RIGHT ATTITUDE would be idiotic.

Judge Holden

pdm said...

Judge i saw taylor bat at Napier against India in March last year. He scored 150 but was dropped three times before he got to twenty. If any of those chances had stuck his average wouldn't be quite so flash.

I don't doubt Taylor's talent and ability but his discipline at the wicket is poor. He has no patience.

In that same test Ryder made a chanceless 200 - his only mistake being the ball that dismissed him.

The problem is these guys play far too much 20/20 cricket.

Anonymous said...

They don't play enough test cricket that's for sure. Taylor rides his luck, but he's effective. His main problem is no one to bat with. Ryder needs to stay fit.

Judge Holden

Anonymous said...

The likes of McCullum and Taylor are playing to a wider audience with their swashbuckling style...If they swing lustily and send the ball into orbit...their value goes up with the IPL...if they loose their wicket...well, at least they tried hopefully no one will notice. It's no longer New Zealand cricket that pays their "wages" or calls the tune.

pdm said...

anon - 7am. you make a very good point about taylor and mccullum but it doesn't say much for their commitment to NZ cricket.

Judge nice to be able to debate with you. From what I have read about the great Colin Cowdrey Ryder is very much a left handed version of him at the crease. Cowdrey was hardly a picture of fitness but I think their after hours activities would be quite different.

I actually don't care about Ryders social activities as long as they don't affect his cricket on the field. Curfews can be an anethma (sp) to some talented sports people.

The Veteran said...

I enjoy cricket but watching the Black Caps right now gives me no pleasure at all.