Sunday, October 17, 2010

Has labour really changed it's spots

"The people have said more of the same is not good enough ... there is a sense of unease across New Zealand."

So says Labour.

Except that they will only ever offer up more of the same.

More government.
More tax.
More control.
More spending.

The world has changed but only a fool would believe that Labour has changed it's spots.

There is unease in the land but expecting Labour's failed policies and faces to save the day is
just plain stupid.
The problems now facing New Zealand can't be solved by a party that will rely on last century's thinking.


Psycho Milt said...

Yes, we'll never re-elect big-govt control freaks like Labour again, after enjoying the small-govt pleasures of NACT making Gerry Brownlee absolute dictator, and Simon Power thinking up ways to control the internet. Ah, freedom - freedom at last...

Anonymous said...

"The problems now facing New Zealand can't be solved by a party that will rely on last centuries (sic) thinking."

Yes, we should rely on 19th century thinking. Those were the days eh Lou?

Judge Holden

James said...

How about just doing whats right...and which by default ia actual practical?.....That being a real free market, Capitalist society without the failed controlling gunk that is socialsim.

gravedodger said...

For years we endured the Labour Party calling every announcement of National Party policy as a "flip flop"and the sycophantic repeaters of the MSM acted as the amplifier and speaker system even if the policy adjustment was essentially a change of something historical and no longer relevant.
The 180degree turns of the author of "goofynomics", as he issues increasingly bizarre voter baits, are treated by those same repeaters as words of great wisdom as they, and the joined at the hip Labour Party try to gain traction for their great socialist saviour of all the bludgers and non performers in our society.
The underlying truth of this abject hypocricy is the strong link between the journalists (word used with major reservations) and the so far non existent rebirth, is of course the major source of funding and support, the EPMU and its leader three hats Little as he makes his play for the leadership of the EPMU political wing.
That conference, as portrayed on TV news showed zero acknowledgement of any of the reasons for the electoral rejection over two years ago and as for a path forward it was out of the old WRP playbook. Attack progress, innovation and wealth creation, promise money to everyone identified as a potential voter, raise xenophobic fears and offer nonsensical control solutions to non existent problems and regress back to historically failed policies. Maybe the Troughmaster's guiding hand was there also.

KiwiDave said...

Labour must be the most hypocritical lot in nz (no, sorry, 2nd to ACT) - the release of a report about the aged (By labour, ACT et al) which completely ignores the nearly a decade of neglect by labour - the kedgely rants about the poor and old is so self-serving as to be pathetic. (no, I'm not a member of any political party)

Anonymous said...

Crap they may be but I don't see JK changing much of what they did. PM is right but for the wrong reason.

kevin said...

The NZ Herald Emmerson cartoon is a cracker this morning (Tue)