Thursday, October 28, 2010

God Help Auckland

The city is being led up the garden path by the lame and the infirm.

The team comprises a coronary disease patient and a sufferer of advanced Parkinson's Disease.

Good bye Auckland.


alex Masterley said...

God, the south Auckland version, helped Len.
May be he's having a laugh at our expense!

Anonymous said...

Christ Adolf, you're a bitter prick. Do you ever have a bile free day?


Adolf is not being bitter.
He is being very perceptive.
I was accused of bitterness when i expressed my disappointment over the election of Barack Obama.
But the events of the past two years have borne out my fears and earlier writings.
Leftist Len-in will prove every bit as disappointing for Auckland as Dick Hubbard did.
Likewise with Obama.

How to buy medicine online said...

We must be aware that Parkinson's disease is very painful and the people who have it need help, it's time to brainstorm and share experiences for the chronic pain suffered by these people slow down somewhat and the government can make the necessary assistance to get ahead.

WAKE UP said...

Fairfacts is right: the election of Obama showed more about the electorate than about the contender. And so it will prove here.