Sunday, September 12, 2010

You'd Think Someone Would Have Told The Dope By Now

What a marvelous present the Blackass Jackass has given Democrat congressmen and senators on the anniversary of NineEleven.

He has guaranteed a one billion dollar loan to the Mexican national oil company so that it can expand its drilling activities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Well so what? You might ask. Well, this same president has banned US oil companies from drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, that's so what.

You don't need to be Karl Rove to work out how many oil industry workers in Southern USA have lost their jobs since this youthful and inexperienced president introduced his foolish moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. You can be sure they and their families will NOT be voting Democrat as they see their president handing off their jobs to Mexicans and then rubbing it in by funding the Mexicans with US tax dollars.

By hell, you'd need to be Einstein in reverse to think this latest move will not have the GOP and the Tea Party chortling onto their cornflakes this morning.


Lucy said...

Looks like he has decided not to 'redistribute the wealth' just to Americans, he is going global!

Anonymous said...

today Mexicop, tomorrow he'll build nationalise Ground zero, and hand it off the Islamists
honestly for $1B he probably could have bought 20% of Mexico

mattyroo said...

How does he give American jobs to Mexicans by doing this????

PEMEX will only be drilling in the Mexican sector of the gulf, and by increasing drilling, they increase employment of drilling rigs, which are heavily staffed by Americans.

I'm no fan of Obama, but it would pay to understand a little about how these things work before putting foot in gob.

Anonymous said...

And not to mention the $2bil loan he is giving to Petrobras - the Brazilian outfit, which incidentally Dr Evil(George Soros) had been heavily invested in.

Eric Crampton said...

"Blackass Jackass"?!?

Ok, time to change the RSS subscription from No Minister generally to particular authors.

The sane folks at No Minister - you sure about the company you're keeping?

KG said...

Eric Crampton:
Industry: Education
Occupation: Senior Lecturer in Economics, Canterbury University

perhaps you should be reading the Daily Worker instead?

Danyl said...

perhaps you should be reading the Daily Worker instead?

He's got your number comrade Crampton . . .

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Aaaaaah well. That's another one gone.

Beats me how people can take umbrage at a less than PC observation that Obama was elected largely because he is black and that he has less experience and ability than a Mojave desert mule.

But then again, I'm not an academic.

Psycho Milt said...

Neither am I - but it's reasonably obvious that a country that would elect George W. Bush to lead it (twice!) doesn't consider experience or ability to be prerequisites for the job.

Speaking of Bush, Obama's predecessor, he was a Cracker-jack-ass. Somehow no-one ever considered it worth mentioning, despite the fact that being White was actually considered an essential criterion for the job by the people who voted for him. Or are you suggesting it's nothing more than sheer coincidence that every Republican canditate ever has been White?