Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Last night viewers of TV1 were 'treated' to a shock horror expose of how Alex Banks (son of John Banks) might have contributed to the death of King's College student James Webster by egging him on with his drinking. To his absolute credit John Banks fronted up where others wouldn't and talked openly about how it had impacted on his family.

It was also revealed that he (Banks) had fronted to the Webster family.

At the end you were left with the feeling that the media were more interested in promoting this as some sort of anti Banks story.

Contrast this to the latest revelations concerning Mayoral aspirant Brown and his 'heaving' of Manukau Council staff directly from his office to contribute to his election campaign. In that respect I notice on another blog a lawyer has suggested this may constitute a corrupt practice.

So question .... why hasn't/doesn't the MSM and particularly TV1 pick up on this? Look forward to PM's defence of the indefensible.

Disclosure ... yes, the Veteran has a connection to King's College. Used to work there.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Maybe they are all hoping for jobs as Mayoral press secretaries when their horse crosses the line?

Much like the US media thrust Obama into the presidency by hushing up all his many deficiencies. I see new opinion polls have a large majority (50%)who would rather Dubbya was still in the White House rather than Mbama (42%).

Hey, that's not Fox or Rasmussen, That's PPP, the pollster of the hard left Kos.

gravedodger said...

One glaring fact in the tragedy, smart educated youth and some parents/adults there and no 111 call for someone lapsing into an unconscious state. No-one knew loss of consciousness is a step to death, even a gunshot to the brain does not avoid that step.
Mandatory instruction in basic life support at say year 10 in all schools.
A B C it is that simple.
Good one John Banks with the grounding, the mandatory firstaid response training and fronting the Websters, actions of a good parent, contrast that with the family similarly involved who havn't fronted the bereaved family but have engaged a lawyer for their little scroat

Anonymous said...

Are MSM journalists all of the same mold?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Further, I'm somewhat surprised TV1 didn't play this as Banks using the interview merely as a political ploy. I was expecting that, but happily they didn't go there.

The Veteran said...

Anonymous 1.02 ... pedant.

James said...

"STOP SAYING FRONTED!It's not a verb FFS."

Ahhh its spelt said verb...


Anonymous said...

The MSM is not known for its rigour with numbers, hence the story that the bail-out is going to cost every NZer $372, or $405 or somesuch amount.

This may be so if the true overall cost is $1.7b (and it suits the MSM's angle to use that number), but using the downstream cost (after asset sales etc etc), using $600m as the eventual total cost it works out as $137 per NZer!

(Using the 2010 population of New Zealand at Wednesday, 01 Sep 2010 at 02:16:19 pm as 4,376,746).

A different pedant!

Anonymous said...

Fronted is a verb. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Because I meant VERB. That's why is said VERB.