Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Mostly I despair at the quality of NZ TV news.

I do however give kudos to TV1 for its coverage of the
Canterbury quake throughout the Saturday.

Equally, I condemn TV3 for not having the wit nor intelligence to 'pull' their continuous run of infomercials that morning to cover the developing situation.

And now in a further demonstration of insensitivity and crass stupidity the TV3 website is promoting as its lead article coverage of another website that alleges ChCh Mayor Bob Parker 'engineered' the quake. See


Yes, the site may be a spoof. Equally, this is not the time to give it oxygen.

TV3, you've blown it yet again.


ben said...

I have to say I have only watched TV1 coverage, and I find it nearly unwatchable. The language used is completely over the top at every turn. I feel unable to get a sense of what things are like on the ground because TV1 consistently and repeatedly points to the worst affected areas. Half their reporters look and speak like 20 year olds. It is excruciating watching them stumble through another needless live cross. Simon Dallow is, IMHO, awful. He has zero personality. A skilfull presenter, yes, but no charisma or persona.

Yes, I could turn off the news and not watch it, and I am usually on the brink of that, but it is something to do while eating dinner.

And no, I do not blame TV1. This is the format of news that, apparently, wins viewers - so good luck to them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Millionaire is much more entertaining and better for you.

Anonymous said...

The Media loves stuff like this; it gives them something to sink their teeth into.

Oswald Bastable said...

or more likely, to gum to death.

Anonymous said...

blame farrar

Heine said...

TV3 news is pretty pathetic as are TVNZ. A bunch of nobodies running about thinking they are big fish in a small pond.

However, it would be nice if one of them reported tomorrow how National have backed down again. Supporting the anti smacking bill *again*?

Good grief. Love to see this blog spin their way out of this embarrassing back down.

The Veteran said...

Get over it Heine. It's a done deal off the radar except for a small bunch of losers forever looking back over their shoulders rather than forward.

The trick in politics is to pick the fights you can win on .... like getting rid of the dog MMP.

Repeal of the anti-smacking legislation is not one of those.