Tuesday, September 14, 2010


that even our resident 'leftie' apologists should have no difficulty answering them.

The 'nice' Mr Goff has lambasted the recruiting agency; the New Zealand Defence Force and the Security Intelligence Service over the decision to employ Stephen Wilce as the Chief Defence Force Scientist now that investigations suggest he 'embellished' his C.V.

Question #1 ... Who was the Minister of Defence at the time of his employment.

Question #2 ... Who was the Minister in Charge of the SIS at that time of his employment.

Question #3 ... and just where does the buck stop.

p.s. And isn't it sad that Trevor Mallard appears incapable of undertaking even basic research in his pathetic attempt to link sometime National Party President, Michelle Boag, to the recruitment. Clearly he is a living example of the need for National Standards in Maths. Wise was employed five years ago. Boag joined the agency 3 years ago ... duhhhhhh


Psycho Milt said...

The only significant question is number 3, given that Ministers aren't really expected to phone referees of the people their depts employ. As to Goff's actions, we can say that unlike the people who recommended Wilce, hired him, and carried out security vetting on him, Goff seems to be actually doing his job: lead HM's Loyal Opposition in holding the govt to account.

kevin said...

It's just that goff is struggling to get traction (per normal)

pdm said...

Goodnes Vet - you don't actually expect Mallard to get things right do you?

He is far to busy deleting truthful comments on Red Alert to do the sort of research that you drew attention to.

Anonymous said...

Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn. Whoever was commissioned to vet this rooster, screwed up royaly.

If the defense fraternity can't scrutinise the record of someone who claims distinguished miltary service plus national sporting representation, then who can they vet? If the job was outsourced then sack the agency and turn the job over to the yacht club that saw through him in the first ten minutes.
The Department is answerable to the Minister, not the other way round.


The Veteran said...

Folks, I agree all three agencies have much to answer for.

But to hear Goff spruke on when it happened under his and Helun's watch is just a bit rich.

PM ... it's not Goff holding the Govt to account but rather the Govt doing that to the Opposition. But it is about 'where does the buck stop'.

Cave Creek and your mob were quite happy to call for blood ... what's the diff in terms of parliamentary responsibility?

gravedodger said...

Sadly the socialist repeaters of the modern school will give the positive spin as directed by their masters and will do nothing to stain the clothcap shield of goff clark et el who were in the chair when so much of the sloppy recruitment occurred with the headlong rush to swell the potential voting pool of the expanded Public (private to them) service.