Thursday, September 30, 2010


Gueez ... all those TV ads in prime time must be costing you a fortune so, where's the dosh coming from?

Not the Labour Party because they admit they're flat broke and having to fight the Mana bi-election doesn't help one bit. Neither will the lawyers fees resulting from the Chris Carter debacle.

Not Owen Glenn after his experiences last time round.

That leaves the UNIONS and that leaves you beholden to them to the detriment of the ratepayers ... 'he who pays the piper etc'

Or might the dosh be coming out of the huge redundancy payment that you negotiated with the Manakau City Chief Executive (on the basis of 'one for me and one for you').

So many questions. So few answers.


Anonymous said...

An at first slightly mad sounding woman rang Leighton Smith this morning and suggested Brown is in fact Labour's Manchurian Candidate, installed to make the "super city" fail, to allow Goof to save the day with a "re-amalgamation solution".

Seemed bonkers, till I thought she may have something there.

Where else are the not inconsiderable campaign funds coming from, and what other sort of payback is expected?


Anonymous said...

Personally, I see the dark shadow of Zionist Marxism behind it all.

kehua said...

Nah it`s the Exclusive Bro`ven

Inventory2 said...

We've been getting the Browsn commercials down in L(h)awsville. Quite why he has to advertise 400km beyond the boundary of the Supercity is beyond me. It must be costing him a fortune.

PM of NZ said...

IV2, been seeing the ads here too. They are obviously being shown to tempt the landed gentry. You know the non-resident ratepayers, like myself, the ones that Idiot/Savant over at NRT hates that actually pay rates in Orklund, but do not live there. As if I would ever vote left!

Anonymous said...

Regional ad deals in Auck don't usually go as far a afield as Fanganui. Is he buying national time?

Anonymous said...

He even took 30 seconds on ITV during the commercial break for Coronation Street, reputedly the most expensive ad spot in Britain!

Just joking :)

Fairfacts Media

Anonymous said...

slapfacetardboy has his ads going into Nelson too

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Has he paid the bills?

Anonymous said...

He put it all on his Manukau Council visa. The bank will get the account back 'Gone No Address'.