Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pots, Kettles and Maoris

There's a small enclave in the far north which harbours some of the most extreme Maori radicalism to be found in New Zealand. Some of its flag bearers include the ratbag Professor Margaret Mutu and the blowhard John Hatfield, alias Hone Harawira.

Today's Herald gave them a lift along the way with this puff piece.

Read between the lines and wonder why six long years is not enough for Maori to prove their long term ties to a piece of foreshore. Funny thing is, that was plenty long enough for the Allies to defeat Hitler and the Japs. Here's what Haami Piripi had to say.

"It's an evil little piece of legislation.

"What it forces iwi to do is to spend thousands of dollars on historical research; that's before you even know if you have a winnable case.

"The fact that there's a six-year time limit just serves to lock out iwi."

An evil little comment from an venal little tribe, if you ask me.

What he really is saying, I think, is that it will take him and his mates in academe more than six years to cook up the 'newly found' oral history necessary to convince a gullible court that he and his mates should be given half the coastline of Northland.


KG said...

No mention of the National government's role in this Adolf?

Anonymous said...

Oral history? Chinese whisper!

gravedodger said...

And we ordinary New Zealanders worry about integrating recent arrivals to our country.

KG said...

Don't be silly Dodger--you're a mere white patriarchal colonialist oppressor. What would you know?

Dave Mann said...

Adolf, while I agree that this is a disgusting puff piece, your actual criticism should not be of the Herald, but of the traitorous bastards in your precious national Party who are destroying all new Zealanders' heritage.

Anonymous said...

MP’s no longer represent the views of their constituents in the House. NZ is no longer a representative democracy and this bill should never have reached the House.

Dishonourably, List MPs are answerable to nobody except their party leaders and this is why so much shonky legislation has been passed since MMP came in.

How fortunate for Key and his Minister Finlayson that the Canterbury earthquake occurred when it did. Regrettably this will take the heat of their disgraceful bill, as the MSM will concentrate on the aftermath of the earthquake.

I have to wonder if it was only a coincidence with the timing of the government’s intervention into SCF?


The Veteran said...

The mouthings of John H and Margaret M are really irrelevant to the political process ....

as is Dave Mann and those who feed off the the scaremongering of Murial Newman et al.

KG said...

Oh yeah, Veteran--Muriel's "scaremongering" all right.
Until what she and her commenters in the NZCPR newsletters are saying turns out to have been the truth all along.
I'm prepared to put $100 on it. Care to take the bet?
That Maoris will use the legislation to either exclude non-Maori Kiwis from more than 1000km of coastline or charge them for access to it.

PM of NZ said...

I'd put $100 into that pot also, kg.

Anonymous said...

So Adolf and the Veteran don't think we should be at all concerned that the iwi leaders want development rights out to the 200 mile limit. The iwi leaders do not support the foreshore and seabed area being limited to 12 nautical miles.

Surely it is obvious that the foreshore and seabed is the common heritage of all New Zealanders and it is only right that it should remain vested in the Crown.

Not the trade-off just for Key and his cronies to remain in power.


Anonymous said...

Yawn Whatever Get into the 21st Century. No wonder Maori kids are soooo far behind Asian and white kids with parents who are still stuck in the 19th century


Dave Mann said...

Yes, Veteran, thats right. Scaremongering.

Muriel Newman is spreading lies, half-truths and innuendo in an attempt to scare ordinary honest decent people.

There is absolutely no truth in any of her or her wicked cohort's claims. Its all OK. Nothing to see here folks, no need to be concerned.

Yeah Right.

The Veteran said...

No folks because neither of the ranting of the MM clique or the MN clique will come to pass.

But those of the brown blinker persuasion have neither the wit or intelligence to see otherwise.

And those of the white blinker persuasion have neither the wit or intelligence to see otherwise.

All you are interested in is pandering to the unthinking
elements in your own respective constituencies for political advantage.

Meanwhile is the real world .....

Mike said...

Quite right Veteran. The knee-jerk anti-intellectualism is astounding.

Shame it masquerades as Libertarianism or Right.

KG said...

"All you are interested in is pandering to the unthinking
elements in your own respective constituencies for political advantage."
A perfect description of Key.
So, no bet then, Veteran? Why am I not surprised....

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

KG the Gnats have nothing at all to do with the point of this post.

KG said...

Of course not Adolf!
Why, I'm sure it's entirely possible to have a discussion about some Maori claims to part of the coastline and leave out the Nat's role in that process....
Despite the fact that the new legislation will allow direct negotiations between the National government and Iwi, thus bypassing the process the far north mob are complaining about.
Nothing to see here. Nossir. Nothing to do with the Nats.

Dave Mann said...

KG, that was exactly what I wrote (in sentiment) on my mobile phone, which then refused to allow me to log in and eventually crashed me out of the page!

I have a question though.... why is it that this treasonous wholesale theft by the National party and their racist mates of our country's heritage and resources has got so little coverage in the media?

I'm being quite serious here. A handful of people on different blogs seem to agree with our views on this subject, but whenever I mention it to others outside the blogosphere all I get is a kind of hazy dont-know-dont-care response.

How is it possible that a putch of this kind can be pulled off right under the country's noses while everybody just yawns and looks the other way?

Are you and I just crazy here or what?

KG said...

"Are you and I just crazy here or what?"
Yep, Dave--we're crazy right up until the moment Kiwis find themselves locked out of(or charged for access to) some of their favourite beaches.

Key will then do a P. Pilate and wash his hands of any responsibility, blaming it on the courts etc.

John Ansell said...

John Key is responsible for this bill, and John Key's poll ratings will need to be dented before we can expect him to change his mind. He only cares about his poll ratings, not New Zealand.

His spin machine has done a first rate job of diverting the dumb media away from the crucial issue of wahi tapu.

This will give iwi carte blanche to declare off limits any stretch of beach where a Maori person has ever died.

In that case the much-vaunted free public access won't apply, so the claim that it will is simply a lie.

Sadly for Key and co., while we may not have a free (or at least intelligent) press, we still have the right to buy advertising space.

Those ads will soon be telling his voters the unvarnished truth about this devious handover of New Zealand resources to the tribal aristocracy in exchange for Maori Party votes.

Good luck to him in explaining himself to the rest of Maoridom, never mind the rest of New Zealand.

WAKE UP said...

Oral "history" is SO convenient, right up there with the word "racist" .

WAKE UP said...

"But those of the brown blinker persuasion have neither the wit or intelligence to see otherwise."

Maybe not, but the rat-cunning that has been their stock in trade, and of which they are perversely proud (it's a taonga) ain't a bad substitute.

KG said...

And still The Veteran hasn't taken that bet I'm offering.....