Thursday, September 2, 2010


It gives no pleasure to the Veteran that he correctly called the 'Hung Parliament'. It gives no pleasure to the Veteran that he correctly called that Gillard would form the next Government. Shades of NZ 2006.

The decision of Andrew Wilkie ('Independent' Denison) to support a Gillard Labor Government on confidence and supply should come at no great shock. After all, the last Liberal Government tried to put him in the slammer for 'leaking' on the Iraqi WMD issue coupled with the fact that he had previously been a member of the Greens and that Denison has long been a safe Labor electorate. Think too that Abbott's hamfisted offer to him of $1b for the rebuilding of the Royal Hobart Hospital smacked of desperation politics.

So that brings the tally to Labor 74 and the Coalition to 73 (if we include the WA National member Crook who has declared he will not take the Coalition Whip.

My betting is that Windsor (New England) and Oakshott (Lyne) will now climb on board the Labor Gravy Train (ignoring the wishes of their electorate which is basically conservative) bringing the Labor total to the magic number of 76. Bob Kater (Kennedy) will do a Walter Nash and sit on the fence and declare he is neither 'for or against'.

And now the fun begins.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for that
Abbot is a complete idiot
Although Gillard is only marginally better

Anonymous said...

Its not fun. Its dickheads running the lives of bigger dickheads that think one set of dickheads is better than the other. The people to put in charge are those reluctant leaders you have to push there at gun point - the ones that want to be boss should never be. With a call this close the govt should do nothing at all unless both parties agree - that at least would be democracy of sorts.

kevin said...

baubles for all?

Anonymous said...

Anopnymous 8.00 pm said ... "Abbot (sic) is a complete idiot".

Yep, only a complete idiot could take 16 seats off Labor; trash them in the primary vote and look like edging them in the TPP vote.

So, if Abbott is a 'complete idiot' what is Gillard?

kevin said...

labor Oz look decidedly unstable with more leadership challenges around the corner. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

ghoulia giltard will probably skank this one through, but in all likelihood the Aussies will be back at the polls within a very short period of time, thus allowing them to the backstabber onto the scrapheap properly this time.

Anonymous said...

Which part of "we don't want to be called pinko bastards" don't you understand?

Plus - Abbot has the senate for 6 months. If he really considers Labor illegitimate which is what he says - they Labour don't have supply.

Result: re-run 1975. Liberal government for the next 20 years.

The Veteran said...

Anonymous 5.54 ... please correct me if I am wrong but I think the (Labor) Govt does have supply thru until after the new (Greens) Senate takes effect.

Anonymous said...

There's a Family First senator who's offered cooperate with Abbott.

Abbott said he wouldn't take it up when Labor looked ahead on the TPP - but if Labor is seen as illegitimately stealing an election - which they would be if they form government now - all bets might be off.

I mean, even if there's a House of Reps election, if the Country Independents go with Labor, they'll be toast.