Monday, September 20, 2010

Old Images, New Players

The sight of the coup d'etat unravelling the ACT Party brought to the TV screen of Adolf's mind a near forgotten image from a 1940s propaganda poster. I can't remember whether it was the Nazis or the Soviets. It depicted a small diverse group of civilians, all Caucasian of course, resolutely marching forward against a buffeting gale toward the sun lit hills of their brave new world order, beckoned on invitingly by their aging heroic great leader.

You could just see Roy, Earwig and Tashkent, gazing adoringly at a benignly smiling and inviting Roger Douglas.

They all fitted so well. These vain heroes, blindly striding off to inevitable defeat and death, underpinned by lies, deceit and treachery masquerading as virtue. (I couldn't find the one I remembered but these are pretty close.)

At the same time as these images were crowding in, a couple of wonderful old TV shows started their own little rerun. I found myself watching Dad's Army with a touch of The Last of The Summer Wine. There they all were, rushing around aimlessly, tilting at wills o the wisp and chasing windmills. The only difference of course, was that in the real TV shows, nobody got seriously hurt and there was always a happy ending.

Life and politics is not like that.

And our very own Dad's Army will find that out, come the morning after election day when they wake up and discover they have neither an electorate nor anywhere near five percent.


baxter said...

You left out the final result,

"And Labour, the Greens, and Winston again hold the reins of power."

Anonymous said...

Baxter you are so right. Without ACT, Helen Clark would still be PM, OR John Key would be reliant soley on the Maori Party and Hone Harawira

Let's hope Epsom voters do the right thing for the country yet again next year.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Baxtr and Anon.

I hope you've got something better than hope up your sleeves.

You need to take a machine gun to most of your ACT caucus.

Heine said...

I think the next list selection will deal with that Adolf. I'd be more concerned with the Nats getting more decent candidates in there to push Key to do something remotely right wing.


PM of NZ said...


Like cutting ACT adrift now, Heine?

One can only hope. Then the nature of their alliance of convenience with the separatists will be fully exposed to sunlight.

The Veteran said...

Yet again the shallowness and political immaturity of ACTOID thinking is exposed.

MMP is designed to produce coalition governments.

Get used to it because it's a reality until we ditch the stupid system.

And while some in ACT are clearly having to hold their noses in coalescing with National the same applies in reverse and ditto with United Future and the Maori Party.

But if there is any 'elegance' in the situation then it is that it mutes the extremes of ACT and the Maori Party.

National needs ACT in the long term for a variety of reasons but please ACT, stop shooting yourselves in the feet .... but is there more to come?

Zarchoff said...

"And our very own Dad's Army will find that out, come the morning after election day when they wake up and discover they have neither an electorate nor anywhere near five percent."

Adolf, that happened already! The morning after the 2008 election.

Anonymous said...

until ACT can bin Tosskoff and his ilk, they will continue to have detrimental leaks, which will kill the party. It must be that they are agitating to do just that, so perhaps they can start afresh. Only problem is, since losing their 5% representation, they have binned very good, hardworking MPs in the process, and sidelined many more capable potentials at the same time.
Maybe its time that faction just pulled stumps,and bailed now, and then leave the detritus for Rodney to salvage or die along with.

Heine said...

With all due respect Veteran I am most certainly not being shallow or immature at all.

National never liked MMP from day one, their 2 tick National campaign lost them opportunities before to hold back the Labour Party.

Everybody, surely this blog too, are holding their noses at the political marriage that Key set up - they didn't need to invite the Maori Party into the coalition. Name for me 3 extreme policies from ACTs 2008 manifesto. The old National Party used to be gung ho and support less state and all that sillness, but now they just want to appease everybody. It's sad.

The bloggers on No Minister mustn't be happy considering they too were telling readers that this Nat Govt was going to slash and burn Labours nanny state and yet have done nothing of the sort.

Just saying.... maybe when ACT sorts out those idiots from its ranks, we will start getting back to our roots and get our shit sorted. Watch this space!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Heine, by your own words are you convicted - of being shallow and immature.

"Everybody, surely this blog too, are holding their noses at the political marriage that Key set up - they didn't need to invite the Maori Party into the coalition."

Those of us who think deeply enough and have the maturity to see past the end of our noses would not agree with you.

By the way, did you not see the stinking hypocrisy of all those grubby little plotters yesterday swearing their undying loyalty to Rodney Hide?

I sincerely hope you are indeed able to 'sort out your shit' as you put it. ACT is an invaluable coalition partner. Just like the Maori Party.

sagenz said...

actoids out in force with the like button I see adolf.

Methinks Boscowen in Epsom is the sensible long term way to preserve the brand, if any value remains in it. Values not politics is long gone. That said Hide does not deserve to be rolled, he deserves to get genuine support from his remaining team. I disagree with the actions he has taken whilst respecting the competence he has brought to his Cabinet roles, if not his party leadership.

Act used to, and Roger Douglas still does stand for something good on the liberal side of National. It is a shame they strayed so far from that.

Anonymous said...

Correct Sage, and that is what the party has been trying to lead Rodney back to. A shame Adolf the Whale and the MSM just can't/won't see it....

Rodney has done his Machiavellian best at discrediting those around him.