Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh I See. No Travel Insurance?

Adolf wonders where the money is coming from for all the legal bills.

A woman goes on holiday to the US after having a flu jab in New Zealand. She is struck down by an illness allegedly related to the flu jab and is hospitalised in the US. Medical bill comes to NZ$250k.

After a full blown tirade about what a pack of bastards ACC is for refusing to pay, you find in the very last line that the cheeky bitch didn't have travel insurance. I kid you not.

He was unsure whether Mrs Cottle had travel insurance when she went on holiday.

Let her and her skin flint husband who wouldn't pay the premiums for cover in the US sell their bloody house and pay their own bloody way.


gravedodger said...

No argument here AF but after getting travel insurance details off tourists we pick up as first response for years I was gutted to learn we don't process that when they have an accident it is simpler to get refunds from our ACC for the ambulance service than to chase the travel insurance cover.
Also how certain is it that she became ill from the flue shot and not from some other lifestyle choice as sensible as travelling in the U S without comprehensive cover. Muppet!

Anonymous said...

Confusing story. Says she is a NZ perm resident, but lives in the US, but that she was on a holiday to the US.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the story is very confusing.

If she lives in the States then presumably travel insurance wouldn't apply. But then, why wouldn't you have medical insurance in the States. And if she does live in the States, why didn't she get the flu shot there?

And if ACC pays for overseas treatment, it creates a moral hazard not to get travel insurance - just like the Home Insurance in Chch

Anonymous said...

And what part of what happened to her was accidental and therefore within the purview of ACC?


The Veteran said...

Anon 2.44 Errrrrrr nothing,it happened o'seas.

That's wot travel insurance is for

Cactus Kate said...

Anyone travelling to the US without at least (comprehensive) medical insurance deserves what they get.

Can't see her getting much sympathy in NZ after the past week or 10 days.

Heine said...

My worst nightmare would be to be in the US without as much travel insurance as humanly possible. God, if I got ill there w/o insurance I think I'd rather swim towards Cuba and hope for the best.