Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Nuclear Option?

Out of deference to my friends in the ACT Party, thus far I have refrained from posting on the train wreck created as its very own landmine exploded under its tracks this week.

However, John Armstrong this morning has published almost all I would have had to say.

Sadly, I too think this is the end of ACT. A party torn apart by internecine squabbling, the appointment of candidates who just were not up to the job and of late, I'm very sorry to say, leadership that was simply not up to standard. I'm afraid you just can't have a leader who regularly has to go public and tell people he screwed up. As you go into the polling place on election day your subconscious mind keeps asking you "What will he fuck up next?"

Armstrong highlights the risk for National in the demise of a reliable coalition partner on the right but equally National can't afford to be seen 'managing' or 'meddling in' ACT's affairs.
About the only thing that can save Act from extinction would be for Hide to step down and Don Brash - or someone of like stature - be installed as the party's leader outside Parliament while Boscawen retains the deputy-leadership inside......

.......Fanciful stuff maybe. But such lateral thinking is desperately required on Act's and National's part if Act is to survive and cater for a minority on the right, thereby allowing National more latitude to hug the centre.

That's the best piece of political analysis you'll ever see.

The insertion of Dr brash is the 'nuclear option' but Adolf can't see Dr Brash being silly enough to take it on. Why on earth would he want to endure the horrors of dealing with venomous fools like Roy, Tashcoff, Douglas, Earwig-Jones and Mallard? No, Dr Brash already has indicated a preference for a quieter relaxed lifestyle. Wise man.

The alternative is to let Act die and set up a new party on the right. That may be easier. For Act, the last 12 months have been disaster after disaster.

Now that's more like it! Such a party doesn't really need to be properly bedded in until the 2014 election and Epsom will provide the safety net for 2011.

Here, Adolf has some invaluable advice for the Gnats. Have John Boscowan resign from ACT and join a new party, standing for election in Epsom. Persuade Buck Shelford to be the party figurehead and put him in at No 1 on the list. His mere presence would ensure the magical five percent party vote. And the name of the new party?



Anonymous said...

We need another political party that's not a political party. We're all heartily sick of career politicians.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

ACT came into existence with a raft of profound and admirable principles. Once Hide took over the leadership it became a party of alleged 'perk-busters" which really meant it barked like a largely ignored dog! (Akin to the Winston First rabble!) While a semblance of perk-busting was been led by Hide the perks themselves were hungrily devoured by ACT members themselves.

The foundation members of the Party, Douglas,Prebble, Quigley, Shirley et al have been savagely betrayed by the current leadership.

I believe the end is here for ACT. I believe that Hide has stifled it, principally through being devoid of political nous and common sense.

There will always be a place for a party of the ilk ACT originally was, hence it is a sad day for NZ. (I am not nor ever have been a member of ACT but did admire the party for its early years.)


mawm said...

Most of Act's internal problems stem from Hide who is an arrogent liitle arsehole. Unfortunately any competent person who wants to get ahead in politics and are not of the left persuation, will join the Nats. The Act party really have not had anything to make them stand out as party to attract enough people to vote for them.

Lots of Nat voters a unhappy with the failure of the Key government to transform big items such as welfarism, Treaty band-waggoning, and bloated bureaucracy. Key is a charismatic leader and his personal style will ensure his popularity for a long time.

However for effective change to the social course of New Zealand, we need a party with adequate support to represent the growing numbers of voters, mostly traditional Nat voters, who want to return to conservative values, change from a ruling to a representative government, and one that will put sovereignty ahead of globalism.

MMmmmm..... a TEA party.

The Gantt Guy said...

MAWM, I was thinking exactly the same thing reading this post, and then Mrs Danvers' comment.

I firmly believe that after 9 years of the Clark dictatorship and now 2 years of Key betraying voters with bribes for the apartheid party, there is a massive fast-lane on the right. ACT *should* be up around 10-15% of the party vote by now, but because they're a circus they'll be lucky to have a presence after 2011 (if they exist at all).

The way is clear for a Tea Party. Brash could easily be the "Sarah Palin" figure. Sadly, I think after a decade of being herded into a welfarism and entitlement mentality, I'm just not sure New Zealand is up to (or deserves) a Tea Party. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

baxter said...

The Australian this morning has an article on a Tea party starting up there.
The leftwing media is so entrenched in this country especially within stateowned media that it would be difficult for any right wing party to become established.

Anonymous said...

Yes a new right party needed, but not yet another one dominated by mad Christians.

gravedodger said...

Alas as soon as any right of center party gets up and running it will attract members with loony simplistic solutions and wingnuts who will swamp and or subvert any moderate sensible policies and the MMP system we have will encourage adopting them as a vehicle to widen the electoral appeal of that party.
Yes the FPP system did marginalise sections of the electorate but having the loonys trying to piss inside the tents of the main parties actually made them sell their ideas to the party whether socialist or conservative to gain traction thereby keeping the Bradfords, Garretts, Lockes and the other unelectables on the fringe where they should reside.
Sometimes a Maverick could rear up and cause a rethink ie Owen, Cracknell, Jones or someone with an ability to convince a majority of an electorate ie Hide (with a connivance of the natural party of that electorate), but alas too often after leaving a mainstream party ie Carr,Attwood, Anderton, Dunne and Peters, but without bringing the ragtag bunch of rubbish that MMP allows them to.
Yes MMP does give an appearance of including the loonys but the price to stable political management of the nation is too high. We have far more pressing issues facing us than the tawdry stupidity of a younger Garrett or the inane machinations of the faction riven ACT party leading to the feeding frenzy we are witnessing at present.

Anonymous said...

I would whole-heartedly support Don Brash as Leader of ACT.

Problem is the public despise him.

I think Ruth Richardson would be even more awesome.

Public don't like her much either....

I think Roger Douglas should make his run.

Public despise him more than anyone.

And of course you'd have to ask Heather and Simon Ewing-Jarvie if they approved. Which they wouldn't as no option is Heather. You'd have to ask Peter Tashkoff and Kevin Campbell. Which they wouldn't as the option isn't Peter.

Then you'd have to get the suicide vests off Roy, Tashkoff, Campbell and Ewing-Jarvie before they blew the rest of the Party up.

Welcome to the ACT Party.

Anonymous said...

HIDE should tell all the clingons to FUCK OFF, im the man voted in ,PISS OFF tossers, im going on my own

JC said...

The trouble with ACT is it isn't "organic" like the Tea Party.

The TP is 55-60% women who are mostly pragmatic and don't want their kids/grandees loaded up with debt.

A NZ version would be concentrating on personal debt, the virtues of saving, some concern over an expanding national debt and particularly.. the cost of central and local govt..

Apart from being export friendly it wouldn't differ markedly from the main parties in social and cultural matters.. rather these would be subsumed into the need to create a more thrifty nation.

But make no mistake, it wouldn't be a resuscitated ACT run by male organisers.. it will stand or fall on grassroots participation of ordinary people.


Anonymous said...

You simply don't understand that parties on the fringe always attract the fruitloops. Be they left or right the nutty parties are doomed to fail. Go back to National where you belong.

Inventory2 said...

Here's a thought; Winston Peters to lead Act and stand in Epsom ...

Anonymous said...

Heather Roy is a prime example of why women shouldn't vote, be allowed to be mPs or definitely carry guns.

No doubt she thinks she can be leader. Problem is John Key knows she's a c**t and would never let her back as a Minister. Especially with the leaky home she resides in with the Ewing-Jarvie's. Staying over at their place. What was all that about?

WAKE UP said...

Any party that had to have Rodney Hide as the answer never understood the question in the first place.

Anonymous said...

What a load of smug bollocks. Here's the facts:

- Be an ethical person, work hard and make your own way in the world.
- Go into politics.
- Become a trougher and near bottom of the least trusted list.

Some may take longer to descend there but it seems inevitable for those who stay long enough to get the pension that they eventually join the dark side. The career politicians are simply darker than the rest.

To those of you who think you need a dishonest trougher of any persuasion running your life - up yours - you are part of the problem.

Heine said...

Zzzzzzz. I'd be more concerned at the lack of action by the Nats towards fulfilling any of their core objectives before the 2011 election.

The 2011 Party List will see off to many of the problems. The rest will throw a strop and go back to National where they belonged :)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Heine, do you mean things like cutting most Kiwi's income tax rates by half, creating hundreds of new jobs with the 90 day rule etc?

Little things like that?

Heine said...

Possibly. But you forget whatever the Govt has handed out will be taken back via the ETS - which you didn't support yourself. Or do you now?