Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Labour Swings Axe...

....misses tree, hits knees.

Here's Labour's GST policy. Pretty unequivocal but nevertheless remarkable. They want to get rid of GST, so they said. Was it? Are you sure?

Hang on, you mean that's NOT what they say? Looks pretty clear to me. All those dumbarses (the thirty percenters) who vote Labour think they'll get a 12.5% pay rise when Goff gets in. That's was the purpose of the message, of course.

Here's Phil Goff with his axe in action yesterday.

Here's Phil Goff's itty bitty little tax axe.

Here's the tax he was going to axe with his little red socialist axe.

Hang on, you mean that's NOT what they say? They're NOT going to axe the tax? You mean they are now talking about MAXING the tax?

I can't find the link but only yesterday I saw somewhere a quote from Goff to the effect Labour would increase GST on non-food items to compensate for the removal of GST on so called healthy foods.


Rob Carr said...

They weren't saying they would increase non-food GST to cut from fruit and veges.

Labour thinks it will be unaffordable to simply reverse the change to 15% GST rate coming in next month especially if National just changes it back when they are next in office too.

They are thus not saying they will go back to 12.5% but instead remove off fresh fruit and veges which is cheaper (the 2.5% across the board is a few billion, fruit/veg only a few hundred million).

Goff did make some comments that the government could afford it because of the gain from increased excise tax on tobacco though which may have been what you saw.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Rob Carr, I'm sure I saw a clip somewhere where Goff said he would increase GST on other items above 15% as part of a a range of revenue raising measures.

Maybe I was dreaming but then again nothing is too stupid for this fellow to be doing at the moment.