Tuesday, September 7, 2010


to know that I called the Australian election (almost) right. Labor will form the next Government. Where I got it wrong was to opine that Bob Katter would stand aloof. Instead he opted for Tony Abbot.

The rather rambling speeches by both Katter and Rob Oakeshott in justifying their respective positions give a sense that this is likely to be 'interesting times' for the Oz body politik. Tony Windsor and Oakeshott especially will have difficulty in justifying unpopular decisions of the Gillard Government (and there will be many) to their respective (essentially conservative) constituencies.

I discount the influence of the Senate. Many Oz Governments have had to deal with a hostile Senate (in this case only 8 months).

The real action with be in the Lower House and that is where the fun begins.


Anonymous said...

Windsor and Oakeshott, two men from two conservative electorates, who opposed labour during their campaign, have effectively now shit on their electorate and joined the labour party. Surely the must be some law against what they are doing, somebody somewhere can sue them for breaking their oath.

I thought the Australian voters decide who forms a government, and it does not seem right that these 2 liars should be making that decision for them. An immediate election is called for!

There is going to be a fair bit of blood-letting at your next election, when all these lying politicians have to face up to reality again. Trouble is, the electorate have small and short memories, and very little choice.

Maybe, somebody should start a new party of “True Blues” to get rid of these wowsers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Everybody should just pause for a moment and remember what can be done with a few beers and a couple of kilos of prawns.

I give her twelve months at the outside before someone does her in.


There is talk of the UK government bringing in legislation where the voters can 'recall' their MPs.
I think it will work like how Americans can recall governors.
This might be something for us all to consider.

Anonymous said...

There is going to be a fair bit of blood-letting at your next election,

You don't get it. Windsor & Oakshit have already decided not to stand again. The phrase "Unrepresentative Swill" comes to mind.

Windsor said - live on air Labor don't want another election - because Abbott would win

So he's backing Labour to keep his seat warm for three years.

Abbott has said Gillard govt is illegitimate.

The communists need supply. Abbott has the senate. He can finish this lot before the year is out.

Anonymous said...

More seats.

700,000 more primary votes

unrepresentative swill indeed.

Have to say that this couldn't have been done without a Labor governor general

Anonymous said...

well i suppose he has a title for his next book asshats and baubles, the story of a stolen election

gravedodger said...

I wonder if some form of recall would have an influence, if the spectre of recall, even if never used, would alter the arrogant assumption that what the electorate is saying is unimportant.
I accept that there exists a threat of paralysis with such a system but the ease with which elected officials can ignore any groundswell of disquiet is the greater danger.

The Veteran said...

Errrrrrrrrr Judge Holden .... not sure how you define a rout.

One measure might be if you

- were behind 573,000 in the primary vote

- were behind 49.99% to 50.01% in the TPP vote

- if your number of seats reduced from 83 to 72

- if the Coalition ended up with 73 seats (or 72 if you discount WA Member Crook).

But now the shouting is over and Labor has won a 'glorious' victory.
Gunna be interesting to see how Gillard holds the whole thing together with a quite disparit bunch ranging from a hard left Green; a Tassie mavrick; Labor with two distinct factions (who get thir jollies by sticking pins into each other) and two essentially conservative politicians, one with a religious bent.