Thursday, September 23, 2010

Futile and Puny

Adolf happened to see a little of Question Time yesterday as some little known short arse attempted to trip up the PM over wording in the cabinet manual. My immediate reaction was 'futile and puny.' Kinda sums up Labour really.

The Herald belatedly takes up the theme and prints some of Goff's ridiculous hyperbole.

This is the party whose administration's:-
  • own leader was found guilty of prima facie fraud and then conspired to have the evidence destroyed.
  • own leader demanded an excessively high speed dash through Canterbury to make a photo op and then blamed her drivers and wrecked their careers.
  • own leader embezzled $850,000 tax payer funds for personal political aggrandizement and then legislated to make her crime legal.
  • minister is now in jail for taking bribes in the performance of ministerial duties and was not sacked until he murmured he might stand as an independent.
  • minister taped a school boys hands to the table and stuffed a tennis ball in his mouth and who regularly perved on teenage school girls.
  • cabinet minister (now party leader) showed the good judgment of having his photo published world wide showing him holding hands with the world's most notorious, murderous and bloodthirsty terrorist.
  • minister granted residency and special citizenship to a known Chinese gangster in return for massive donations to the party coffers.
  • two ministers conspired to sack a lawful DHB to hide the shady and corrupt dealings of one of those ministers' spouses.
  • foreign minister lied to the public about his party's donations; lied to the PM about his party's donations; lied to the privileges committee about his party's donations; and embezzled $158,000 tax payer funds which have yet to be repaid.
The page is not long enough to document ALL the appalling and egregious ethical and judgmental lapses of the Clark Cullen Goff administration.

Yet this intellectual dwarf accuses Rodney Hide of poor judgment and a 'cover up' when, to paraphrase Helen Clark's own words, 'All he is guilty of is obeying a judicial order for name suppression.'

Even the Herald got that bit right.

He was granted permanent name suppression, which was later lifted.

Some cover up it is when he made sure to tell all the members of his caucus. Apparently none of them said boo, so where are they all now?


mawm said...
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mawm said...

I particularly liked the offer from Key to Hide of extra supplementaries so that he could cover all of the 'non-Ministerial' behaviour in the Clark Government. That made the Labour benches shut up.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that you can print that (and its true enough) and yet people still think we need these rorting bastards running our lives, fleecing from our pockets and giving us the finger when we say - "Hey, watch it." They are all the same.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone done a comprehensive list of Liarbour's scandals while in office? It is a crying shame if there is not one easily available online. This one is not bad:

But as they say, you need to follow the other links to get more stuff that is NOT included in that list.