Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Allegations of voting fraud in South Auckland

The Veteran's post underneath couldn't have been better timed.

Police are swarming all over South Auckland with news that voting irregularities and outright fraud have been alleged.

Homes and businesses have been raided, according to the Stuff website.

In a previous Herald article the other week, Labour candidate Daljit Singh denied involvement in any voting fraud.

No doubt the police have been closely looking at the various allegations, and have sniffed around the obvious places where fraud might take place, either at a candidate's home, their neighbours, or any friends or relatives who live locally.

Any number of recent registrations at those homes will be a clear sign that something is amiss.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There is a strange deathly silence over at The Standard.

Anonymous said...

I understand those questioned are from the Sub Continent Not surprising consdiering the antics of their cricket team


Inventory2 said...

@ lastmanstanding - I guess that, if one was wanting to be sarcastic, one could say "It's not cricket"!