Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Did They Suddenly Go?

All those screamers and shouters for DEMOCRACY, that is.

The ones who accused Mr Hide of failure to consult after his consultations had been ignored.

Adolf hasn't heard a word from the Tree Pisser or the Head Slapper or the nameless editorialists who burbled on in their incessant anti-Hide ravings, now that the appointments of a number of key interim officials have been announced. One only has to look at the eclectic make up of the appointed team to see why these idiots are keeping their heads down. They have been snookered by the appointments of:-
  • A Black
  • A former Labour Party president
  • A former National Party minister and Commonwealth Secretary General
  • A former chair of the Auckland Regional Transport Authority
The money quote from Fran O'Sullivan is here. It's so tempting to ask her to list the political hacks by name.:-

Unlike many political candidates vying for the 20 elected ward councillor positions on the new Auckland Council, or, for a position on a local board there are no obvious political hacks in the CCO line-up.

Well done Rodney Hide.


WAKE UP said...

Who's the "black"?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Tuku 'Jocks' Morgan

Anonymous said...

he shouldda been blackballed, but due to Rodney's jaunt the bugger has been given a redemption

Heine said...

I have to say it has been remarkably quiet... and they said it was all going to be corrupt "jobs for the boys" type stuff.

Where's No Right Turn and the Standard when you need them?