Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whaleoil Takes Up Sport

Whaleoil is enjoying his unlikely entry into the world of local gummint politics.

Our resident nocturnal treepisser will live to regret accusing Whale of stalking because every move the besotted binger makes is being observed by ten thousand eyes and every wobbly step he takes as he moves from one bar to another doing important council business is being reported to the smiling and insatiable Whale.

After the elections, Williams will be just a piece of Road Krill.

If Whale is not careful he'll find himself representing a whole gaggle of North Shorians. A fate far worse than three months in the slammer for contempt.


Monty said...

i would love to see Cam representing the people of North Shore. But I can say that I live in Wellington

dad4justice said...

Any Whale on the planet has more up top than any stupid fuckwit that sits in our putrid parliament.


I wish Whale well with his task.
I look forward to a follow-up run for the Beehive.

Anonymous said...


Droll.. Very droll..



Anonymous said...

Surely - just like his court capers - these political aspirations are nothing more than self-serving publicity.
After all, now that his disability payments have ceased, he has to find money from somewhere! Hey, how about...a JOB???!!!!