Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Radio Left Wing Joins The Fray....

....with Sudden Death Syndrome.

Feilding is a place to be shunned. Don't go there as to do so is bad for your health, according to Radio Left Wing.

Fielding is a place afflicted with SDS. Yes sir, worse than SARS or CYPS or Swine Fly, if the mob doesn't get you then SDS will. 'Rubbish' I hear you say. Really?

Then why on earth add this bizarre afterthought to a piece on a triple homicide?

Police say the deaths are not related to the recent killing of Scott Guy, who was shot dead in the driveway of his farm near Feilding in July.

There have been other sudden deaths connected with the North Island town in the past two months.

Two people were killed in a mid-air plane crash in late July and Feilding soldier Tim O'Donnell was killed in Afghanistan earlier this month.

Update: The Herald chimes in with it's own feature story!!


Murray said...

If it keeps the jafas out of the area then whoo hoo, I'm on board.

The Gantt Guy said...

And the dead tree press wonders why it is dying. FFS I took a journalism course in 6th form. I would rather have given a "dog ate my homework" than to have handed in something as bad as that!!!

gravedodger said...

Yes but the simpletons in the media are so bereft of inspiration they clutch at unrelated, in almost any way, the geographical group of tragedies around the Manawatu just as they have with the similar grouping at Mt Hut where the main link was a mountain covered in bloody snow and ill-equipped people who came second in the lottery that is life.
Another stitch in the shroud of the dead tree press, the muppets are not worth timber for a coffin.