Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prepare to be disappointed

I was about to write a trivial, non-political post and realised many of our readers will be expecting some account of events of last week, in which it was alleged an ACT board member tried to pass leaked defence documents to a No Minister author - and that a failure to address that subject before writing trivial, non-political posts might be seen as a craven cop-out.

Allow me to pre-empt any such accusations. The author who was allegedly offered the allegedly-leaked documents hasn't discussed it with me, I haven't asked, and in short I know as much about it as anyone else who reads the newspaper, so expecting substantive comment on the subject from me is a forlorn hope. I will say that I've had some dealings with Nick Kearney and the allegation against him strikes me as ludicrously implausible. I'll also say that, in light of this post about an ACT staffer by Whaleoil, I'm not inclined to look any further for the source of the bullshit.


Barnsley Bill said...

What Milt said

Inventory2 said...

What Milt and Barnsley said. WhaleOil's excellent post nails it.

Anonymous said...

The allegation on the dossier and repeated by Trevor Mallard in parliament was that he showed the military blogger the document and asked him to blog on it. I understand Nick lives 400 miles from the military blogger so a little hard it seems for Nick to show it to him. And if it was simply shown to him how was he expected to blog on its contents? Does he have a photographic memory?