Sunday, August 8, 2010

Off to a Flying Start

The Libs election campaign launch sounds like a real ripper.

On the day after the ALP's Mark Latham gave back to his party ten fold, every bucket of shit it ever dumped on him, Tony Abbott delivered a clear and concise manifesto. Among other things, an end to the financial excesses of Rudd's Labour, a sensible and immediate resolution of Rudd's boat people disaster and heavy penalties for convicted people smugglers

It appears almost everyone who is anyone on the centre right was there and Channel Nine has Latham reporting.

Gillard' outfit was labelled a soap opera, The Vain and The Ruthless.

In a tactical blunder, the ALP has delayed it's launch until just five days before the election. This will give the Libs heaps of time to talk up it's own policies in the absence of any from Labor and to focus the minds of Australian voters on the absolute shambles that is Gillard's Labor.

When she took over I thought she had a good show of holding on but not now.

It will be a rout.


KG said...

Adolf, my understanding is that it'll hinge on just a few seats and those are showing plenty of support for Labour. South Australia and Victoria especially are likely to go Labour's way.

mawm said...

“Isn't it great to lead a united political party with a deputy I can trust, a predecessor who's a friend and a former prime minister who's a hero,”

Ooooh, that must have hurt Gillard.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

KG, yes but Queensland, NSW and WA are leaning heavily for the coalition. The antics with Rudd and Latham this last 24 hrs will be damaging.

KG said...

True. Let's hope all those idiot women who favour Woody because she appeared in Women's Weekly and kissed some babies will wake up in time...;)

Anonymous said...

The commie Gillard should be toast in a matter of weeks.

And for those women who vote along gender have to feel sorry for the brainless shits they are.

Anonymous said...

Adolf, my understanding is that it'll hinge on just a few seats and those are showing plenty of support for Labour.

Utter crap. Kinfing Rudd lost QLD for Labour. The Mining levy lost WA. And they are simply not going to vote for the fucking commies

More to the point, the elections will be won in the suburbs of Sydney again: and they are all going Blue

Labor primary vote: 37 (still better than Goff's Rabble)
Coalition primary vote: 45

There is no way Labor can with this election.

With the changing Aussie demographics it is quite possible Labor will never win an Aussie election again.

Sure the inner-city pinkos are whinging. But that will do no good! Hell I still remember when Abbott was minister of industrial relations - and he just put the security guards & cops on the street with orders to smash the protesters with as much force as could be justified. And the pinkos run when faced with water cannon & rubber bullets!

Abbot knows how to take on the left, and win, and wipe out whatever deluded support they've got left.

Gillard vs the Mad Monk is like a cute little ginger kitten against A Starving Pitbull. Pitbull every time.

Anonymous said...

The SMH now showing Abott 60% over Gillard 40%

FOX News Aus is running more Labor corruption stories.

Abbot is promising and anti-corrpution inquiry

Finally he might just finish the job started in 1951

Do you approve of the proposed law for the alteration of the Constitution entitled 'Constitution Alteration (Powers to deal with Labor and Unionism) 2011'?


B R I N G I T O N !

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, where have I seen that photo before? Oh yes, twas the Chump-in-Chief - Obama. Paws outstretched, flappy ears a wiggle. Says it all about the Oz tories...

And Anon 9:53 - thanks for admitting Abbott (what did he do with Costello?) ordered the cops to shoot at Oz citizens. Speaks volumes about your fascism.

See ya after you lose the election... :)

KG said...

Anonymous 9:53, you don't have bloody clue about how politics--especially elections--work in Oz.
Spare us the idiot diatribe. When it comes to "utter crap" you have a near-perfect track record.

Ackers said...

I think you should all take a chill pill and keep up to date with Pollytics.

Youl'll have a far better idea as to what's actually happening.

Wishful thinking aside Adolf I was a tad surprised by the latest Newspoll.

Labor seems to have put a stop to the Coalition momentum despite another weekend from hell.

The Coalition launch was so light on in terms of actual policy I really don't see it giving them any adavntage at all.

Too close to call at this stage but you'd have to favour Labor on this morning's polls. they can't afford to let their primary vote fall any further though

Ackers said...

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