Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Bloody Imagination

No flair, no panache.

What's wrong with today's journos? Even with half a brain pickled in malt whiskey, someone could have come up with a better headline than

Pub move proceeds slowly

Come on guys! Even the village idiot could have seen the obvious headline is



Hamish Collins said...

Love it - well done!

pdm said...

Perhaps Philipino sub editors don't do pub crawls.


I've just read how much the cost is for the move.
The header should have been
"Transit NZ in $25 million pub crawl."

Phil Sage (sagenz) said...

Also proving nzherald read the blog. headline now changed on nzherald

gravedodger said...

How far would this pile of masonry been moved if those who advocated that course of action had had to stump up with the finance personally.
I am well aware of the position of the historic places trust et el have in creating replicas but 2.5 million dollars would have created more than one to stand as a relics, out of the way of progress, but still act as examples of the architecture and buildings of the period if that is desirable.
We have a misguided bunch of zealots here who want to protect and have restored at the owners expense, several structures that were built from substandard materials in inappropriate places and are totally bereft of any economic, architectoral or serious historical value whatsoever. Just take some photos, make a model record a visual history then move in the big digger. We can not afford follies such as this. How many examples do we need of concrete and brick buildings.
Was Napier a lucky town in the 1930s, when the earthquake forced the creation of the Art Deco Capital of NZ, looking back I think so.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree, and am glad they saved it. Why is the answer always to bulldoze? This site is owned by NZLTA who'll presumably sell it later to re-coup much or all of that cost.

However, does anyone else see the irony in moving a building so it can have a tunnel dug under it, then it being replaced back to where it was?

Was actually tunnelling under it not an option?