Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr Speaker Goes To War

There were some extraordinary moments during Question Time today.

The Speaker threw out Mallard and then proceeded to tear strips off the opposition.

Among other things he:-
  • suggested most of them lacked the intellect to ask tough questions of Ministers.
  • offered to conduct "Asking Parliamentary Questions 101"
  • told them the quality of their questions today was poor and needed to improve
  • threatened to disallow questions if the quality did not improve.
It was hilarious stuff. He even reminded John Key that the PM could be asked to leave the house.


Anonymous said...

Panem et circenses while Rome burns.

dad4justice said...

Turn the Key and open the door to Parliament play school. No wonder politicians are regarded as scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Remember Speaker Margaret Wilson telling Helen Clark "The Prime Minister will not argue with me in the House!"?

Anonymous said...

Dr Smith is right. The standard of questions from Labour have been appalling.

Anonymous said...

Did you also catch him saying that Bill English is "Not on top of his game?"

I personally think Lockwood was having his period that day.

Pretty funny though.