Monday, August 16, 2010

In case there was any doubt

From Granny:
Manukau Mayor Len Brown told the audience about his work with the Sir John Walker Field of Dreams organisation.

"Is sport important? It is a core service, with all due respect to Rodney Hide in local government."

He said as Super City mayor, he would ensure that the Manukau policy of free pool use would be rolled out to the whole city. Mr Brown also promised free swimming lessons to children in years four and five at school.

So sport is a core service of local government, and schools, which are funded by central government, will now get ratepayer top-ups for free swimming lessons.

Why stop at swimming? How about free cycling lessons so kids can be safer when on their bikes. Then we could have free running lessons as a cardiovascular regime. In fact, we could have free athletic club membership; free sport club membership; free everything.

The only thing that won't be free under Brown will be society.


Bartholemew Longbottom said...

If I were Supercity Mayor, I'd start breaking legs and taxing drug sales at 50%. That would generate more than enough revenue to fund free sports to everybody. It would also have the positive economic benefit of providing a disincentive for drug use and promoting sports.

Anonymous said...

If I were Supercity Mayor, I'd behave like a communist CUNT.

That's because you are a COMMUNIST CUNT

Anonymous said...

Hmm let's see - ACT party policy:

* Limit Local Government to Core Activities

Local government will be required to shed its commercial activity, thereby eliminating the need to separate regulatory and commercial functions between local and regional councils. Roads and piped water will be supplied on a fully commercial basis. Abolish the local government power of general competency. Require councils to focus on their core functions.

Thank you Wodney. Thank you Wodger.
CUNT's all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anybody asked if free swimming lessons have any effect on the drowning rate? Similarly, free bike riding could help prevent accidents. But then one could argue that because central government pays for drowning and accidents that central government should be paying for preventative measures

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Teaching children to swim is such a vote loser! That communist Brown is done for!

James said...

Council...if it must exist (and thats a big if) should only engage in those services the private sector is not able to provide.It should do on a local level what the central boys do on a National scale....that is steal and redistribute peoples wealth to others.

So council really has fuck all to do really.

James said...


"...It should NOT do on a local level...."

my bad.