Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hilarious Headline

The dumbarsed dickheads at the Herald have struck again with this wonderful howler.

Police veterans win right to services internment

You mean you can't see what's wrong with that? Well bugger off then because you're too dim witted to be reading this blog.

So the poor bloody coppers have at last won the right to be locked up in military prisons.


Psycho Milt said...

Presumably the newspaper in question outsources its subediting to foreign gentlemen who offer expertise in English as she is spoke?

gravedodger said...

Possibly another indication of lowering standards of language everywhere. Like Goodenough aint gudenuf no mor im fraid.
Did I read somewhere some time ago "that so long as an examiner can understand what a student meant" it is accepted.

Murray said...

Given that the SCE was dissestablished some years ago this means what?

And if the cops wanted to play on their membership of the armed forces how about the pay equity we were prommised?

Anonymous said...

Ahh, have they fixed the headline cos it now says interment (which is correct).