Friday, August 13, 2010

Hilarious court gags

'Lady Gaga' packs punch, ends up in court

Or, to put it more acccurately:

Man beaten for being White in Public - "element of provocation," says judge.


Murray said...

Lady Gaga was how the Herald spun it. Dompost had it as a man being attacked for misspronouncing Waitara which was a lot closer to the truth.

Apparently you can be abused and called white trash without being permitted to react these days.

Psycho Milt said...

Judge Robert Murfitt certainly appears to believe so. In fact, not meekly accepting the abuse constitutes an "element of provocation" for a beating.

Anonymous said...

What's the bet the attacker mispronounces English all the days of his life - but that's OK isn't it.

Anonymous said...

God, how can anyone live down being assaulted by a middle aged maori trannie.

Anonymous said...

I drove through Teamoota once. Its on SH3, just like Waitra (which is close to home).

My wife is part Maori (used to speak Tay Rayo) but works, is blonde, blue eyed, a delight in almost every way and non voilent. The visible Maori part is her nose which is broader than she likes but it is balanced by the fact she never has used it for troughing.