Friday, August 27, 2010

The Herald's Daily Dose

Today's Herald continues with its daily dose of anti National Party rhetoric. This time its a non story about a 'whodunnit' in the cabinet room viz a viz the extension of the 90 day employment regime.

The Government's decision to extend 90-day new-employee trials to all businesses was made after a suggestion from the Act Party, and went against the recommendation of its own Minister of Labour, Kate Wilkinson.

The article was intended as a soap box for Trevor Mallard and a hit peice on Labour Mininster Wilkinson.

However, what Adolf finds revealing and intriguing is not the fact that ACT had considerable influence over this decision but rather the fact that this influence was being successfully exerted by Rodney Hide at the very same time some of his caucus colleagues were attempting to denigrate him and his leadership.

All I can say is this can be no better example of getting your policies accepted from within the tent rather than pissing into the tent from outside.

If they are so convinced of their righteousness, Dopey Douglas, Private Roy, Earwig-Derby and Tashkent would do well to go get themselves 50% of the party vote next year. Then they can do what they like. Meanwhile they do neither themselves, ACT, National nor the centre-right any favours.

New Zealand needs a stable sensible government of team players, not a gaggle of self adjudged stars whose massively indulgent egos outstrip their slim reserves of talent.

It seems to me the saner elements of ACT are doing a damned fine job and I look forward to reading of the stables being cleaned and to a strong electoral performance in 2011.


Psycho Milt said...

I guess Key felt that having bowed to Kate Wilkinson's authoritative ministerial leadership on folic acid and mining, he had to stand up to her at some point...

Anonymous said...

There was nothing previously to prevent an employer or an employee agreeing to a trail period.

In my opinion the trial period legislation is a solution looking for a problem.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon takes this week's prize for naivety.

Anonymous said...

I thought this an odd piece too. What seems to have happened was Hide made a suggestion and Key agreed it was a good one, and changed his mind as a result.

That sounds like a complex and Machiavellian plan on Hides part doesn't it. I understand why the media was so excited on being alerted to such a scoop......

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest, Finky! This is a feeble NAct effort at spin - Key is throwing a bone to his favorite dog, Rodders. Making it sound like Hide & Act actually achieved a policy victory.

Reality is - Key & Nats were more than happy to extend 90 sack-at-will trials to all company sizes, so decided to go for broke. They just passed the ball to Rodders 3m from the tryline with no opposition within coee.

And Anon 10:44 is right - 90 trial periods have always been allowed. The only thing Nats and Act have done is let the bosses sack workers within 90 days without giving a reason. What an astounding improvement in our society eh? Boss gets to sack you if you don't let them grope you - nice one tories! :(

gravedodger said...

No mystery why anon at 4 17 wants no ID just merge into the swamp of dickheads anonymous.

Heine said...

Good post Adolf. This latest squabble managed to flush out a few nutters like Peter Taskhoff etc.. so we are now a stronger unit!

I hope that National listens to ACT more often.